Welcome to My Sister’s Jar….

My Sister’s Jar

Behold!  The original jar and journal, my Christmas gift from my sister, that inspired me to start a blog….this blog.  A moment of silence is completely appropriate at this time.  Also in the picture are my holy rocks from Lake Tahoe.  They just happened to be waiting for their inaugural photo op on the front porch table.  I’m not a nerdy rock collector (no offense to any rockhounds); I was simply inspired to bring the holy rocks to Phoenix to remind me of serene Tahoe moments in the cool summer air by the lake.

“What is in the jar?” you ask. Journalling prompts taken from a Heidi Swapp scrapbooking class that my sister participated in throughout 2007.  There are 52 slips of paper asking a question a week…. for a year.  I mean seriously, how else will my kids and grandkids ever know about our crazy family traditions, giddy moments of nonsense and aspirations of greatness?  If I don’t tell the story, who will?  My husband, Rick?  He didn’t even write half of his required papers in college that he turned in…. but that’s another story from another time.

I was so inspired by the journey through the jar, that I want to encourage you to write the answers to the questions for yourself, for posterity.  The jar is safe.  There are no wrong answers.  Welcome to my sister’s jar.


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One Response to “Welcome to My Sister’s Jar….”

  1. Aimee Accetturo Says:

    Hey Linda – I’m a college friend of Christy (Aimee Simmons) and she emailed me this blog…and I am inspired! I’ve been wanting to journal for forever but need a way to get started. Do you know where I can get the 52 questions? Keep it up, I enjoy your perspective!

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