Today is my Honey’s 41st Birthday!

Rick and the mariachi band in puerto vallarta

Happy Birthday…..Rickey!  He’s the handsome, dark one in the blue shirt.  This is a classic picture of him taken in Puerto Vallarta last week.  We were lunching at Si Senior’s Cantina, which was fabulously delicious, with my “jar” sister (not pictured), her husband (standing up on the right), my brother and his wife (seated) when the Mariachi Band comes to play for us.  It was actually two brothers in matching shirts sporting a harp and a guitar.  If you need entertainers in PV, I highly recommend these two.  They were funny, bi-lingual and very talented musicians.  To my amusement, the harp player even moved to the other side of the harp mid-song so he could smile for the picture.  ANYWAY, they came and asked us for requests….. like we know any Spanish songs by name…. or tune for that matter.  So they tell us they will play something happy.  They break into a peppy Mexican song and Rick jumps up from the table and starts singing and clapping along. Now that may sound all good and happy, but he doesn’t know Spanish…. and he’s clapping on one and three.  Note there is no fear or trepidition in his eyes.  He just loves a party. 

Happy Birthday, Honey!  Thanks for being the life of the party.  XOXOXO

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3 Responses to “Today is my Honey’s 41st Birthday!”

  1. Dad Says:


    Happy Birthday!! I remember 41, at least I think I do. I love you and hope that today will be the best birthday that you ever experienced. Give your mom a big hug; you’re here because of her hard work, my part wasn’t difficult at all.

    I love you more than you’ll ever know. Have a great day


  2. Michele Says:

    Happy Birthday Rick!!
    Hope the weather was good on your birthday. It is Nasty in Oregon!!
    Miss you guys!

    Linda I am so excited you have joined the bloging world!!

  3. LaVonna Says:

    Dear Rick,

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Rick…happy birthday to you.

    NOTE: It is highly advised to read the song and not hear it from my mouth.

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