Western Champions on their Way to International Victory

Plaster Rock Pond Hockey

(This is an article submitted by a guest writer….. my sister-in-law, who is AT the International Pond Hockey Championship to keep us updated.  Here you go: www.worldpondhockey.com … if ya wanna have a peak at what our hockey-obsessed husbands are doing this weekend.  Their schedule is in the comments section.)
Western Pond Hockey champions, the 100 Mile Anti-Freeze, have been bought out and moved to Arizona. Half the players were traded, but the remaining players are determined to carry the Anti-Freeze torch with pride, regardless of its location. Their next tournament begins on Feb-7th in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick.  When asked how he felt about the upcoming tournament, star forward, Terry Crosby, said, “We’re disappointed to be playing for an American team, but pleased to still be playing on Canadian soil.”  Third alternate team captain, Mark Doolan, expressed his concerns, “We’ve been undefeated so far, I just hope the new guys can keep up.  It’s difficult to make such drastic changes mid-season, but we’ll just have to stay focussed.”

The legacy of Canadians lending strength to American teams goes deep into history. Individuals such as Wayne Gretzky and Steve Nash know what’s it like to tough it out in Arizona, separated from their homeland. Neither Gretzky nor Nash were available for comment, but it goes without saying that at this week’s tournament they’ll be rooting for the Arizona Anti-Freeze.

Submitted by Jennie C.

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6 Responses to “Western Champions on their Way to International Victory”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    Great article! Go Anti-Freeze!

  2. rixgal Says:

    Jennie, Please keep us posted on the game results. For those remotely interested, here is the Anti-freeze schedule:
    Round 2 (Th. 7:30) vs. Valley Retreads from Plaster Rock, NB
    Round 6 (Fr. 3:00) vs. Montreal Lagers from Quebec
    Round 7 (Fr. 6:00) vs. Maritime Mafia from Vancouver, BC
    Round 13 (Sa. 3:00) vs. Winsome Foursome from Los Angeles, CA
    Go Anti-Freeze!

  3. pluckymama Says:

    Jennie is too funny.

    THEY WON THE FIRST GAME!!! woooooot!

  4. rixgal Says:

    Round 2 WIN! 21 to 10!!!
    Go AA!

  5. pluckymama Says:

    what time zone is that??

  6. rixgal Says:

    They are three hours ahead of us…….and we are mountin time right now. So I think four hours ahead of you.

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