Toby Mac Rox!

It’s another true confession time here at My Sister’s Jar.  Since Rick was gone to Plaster Rock, the boys informed me that “Dad told us we could take money out of our saving accounts to go to the Toby Mac concert because it’s a once-a-year event.”  The only phone number I have to contact Rick for verification of the information reads: Emergency Phone Number.  This was not an emergency.  So I bought the tickets and we went tonight.  (And for the money, I could have had a new purse with matching shoes …. and jewelry….) That was not the confession part.

Here’s the confession part:  I’m old, but I love Toby Mac.  I tried not to look too nerdy, you know, for the sake of my boys.  I left my mom-jeans (with the waist band just beneath the ribcage) securely locked-down at home and during the fast songs, I stood and waved my arms just like Toby instructed.  He was definitely Boomin’ Out the Stereo System.  He did all his best songs…. even Love is in the House.  He even played some old school, just for me…… Play that Funky Music White Boy…. and We are Family! He rocks!

 I’m too wound up to go to bed……


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4 Responses to “Toby Mac Rox!”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    Toby DOES rock! I’m sure Rick will be glad you went.

  2. pluckymama Says:

    Toby Mac and the mack is back no slack, on a DC track is jacked, beyond comprehension, I believe that I failed to mention that, there’s a lack of recognition, when it comes to his position, cuz my faith can’t be crossed over and I’ll kick my beat up nova


    I only know the old school…but i know it well…ha ha.

  3. rixgal Says:

    You’re straight up, Leah.
    Bad to the bone.

  4. alan Says:

    Toby is not a spring chicken either.
    Just maybe more hip than most of us who were born around 1970.
    I’ll be workin the Toby Mac / Jeremy Camp this Friday.
    I’ll tell him Hi from my woefully unhip cousin.
    But hey, her kids are hip right?

    what about the dad? hip….. or no?

    “he he heaven he he he heaven he he heaven bound”
    as sung by Toby Mac when he was a lesser hip child.

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