Anti-Freeze Thaws the Competition on Day Three

Blood on the icereporting_from_plaster_rock_nb.jpg

(The final submission from hearty reporter, Jennie C., from Plaster Rock, NB)

The Arizona Anti-Freeze are back with a vengeance, defeating teams from London, England and Los Angeles, California on Day Three of the World Pond Hockey Championships in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick.

In their first game of the day, against the London Devils II, Les Englund caught a rogue hockey puck to the face.  After sopping up the blood, a paramedic recomended heading to the hospital for stitches, but Englund scoffed, “I don’t have time for that; I’m having too much fun. Game on!”  The Anti-Freeze went on to win the game, 21-10.  Englund declared, “I’d definitely call that a London Broil.”

After a delicious bowl of homemade soup at the local Lions Club, the boys were feeling ready for their fifth game.  With the sun blazing overhead, it almost felt like they were home in Arizona.  Donning their jerseys, donated by the Phoenix Coyotes, they headed back out on the ice.

It was evident from the start that the L.A. Winsome Foursome did not have what it takes to beat the Anti-Freeze. Brothers Rick and Terry Crosby made a number of fantastic plays, while their mother, Jeannie Crosby, cheered them on.  “Just shoot the puck,” she encouraged over and over again.  Her words of advice payed off, as the Anti-Freeze put the thaw on the Foursome with a final score of 29-11.

This plucky quartet passed their final test on the dance floor at the evening social.  Rock and rollin’ with Donnie and the Monarchs proved to be quite the challenge, but the boys managed to keep time with the best of them.  Rick Crosby declared, “I love that old time rock and roll!”

Although they did not make it to the play-offs, the Arizona Anti-Freeze are thrilled to have been a part of this amazing event.  Mark Doolan, when asked whether he’d be returning with the team next year replied, “You never know what the future holds for for the Anti-Freeze, but everyone is welcome to join us at the 2009 Western Cup of Pond Hockey. I’m not sure that it can compete with the incredible hospitality and first class nature of the event I’ve experienced this week in New Brunswick, but they’ve got ice, they’ve got nets, and it’s sure to be a good time.”

Submitted by Jennie C. (on location)

AND, posted on Jennie’s sister’s blog,, are pictures of the Anti-Freeze with the Ice Sculpture.  Coooooooooool.  Literally.


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  1. Jennie C. Says:

    What … “final submission”? Am I no longer welcome? :)

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