Smoothie Slug Fest


Today was not what I would call an optimal homeschool day of success. I dragged myself out of bed only because the tissue box on my nightstand was empty. Sinus pressure got the best of my sleeping hours and I was not real keen on facing my pupils. A shower was all I needed, right? Then I would be tip-top and ready to conquer all. The hot steam did aid my breathing situation but looking down at the floor in the shower, I realized I had recently passed the “gross me out” stage of cleanliness. Even with a head cold, I couldn’t go on with life knowing my shower was this dirty. I was vigorously scrubbing when I heard a sound that makes any mother’s heart pound in fury. My three well behaved, trained-up-in-the-way-they-should-go-children were screaming at each other down in the kitchen. I simply wanted to crawl back in bed, hide under the covers and bawl.

Eventually one of the guilty showed up in my bathroom to offer his side of the story. It included a smoothie, selfishness, grabbing, yelling and an unfair portion of the desired iced-fruity drink. No eye contact occurred as I continued scrubbing the soon-to-be-white shower stall. “Send in your brother,” were my brief words in response to his plea for justice. Number two arrived and basically told the same story, except his version also included hitting, but not by him, of course. “Tell your sister I want to see her,” was all he received. Her story was similar to both of the previous ones, however she left out the hitting part. Hmmmmm.  I asked her to leave my room and close the door behind her.

I called my husband at work and sobbed through my morning’s events in an incoherent blur, that I’m sure made his morning complete. After I calmed down, I proceeded to tell him that his children were selfish and mean and I didn’t want to see them today… and it was only 9:15 a.m. Maybe we’ve been too easy on them and I need to give them a dose of REAL school: Sit at the table and do math for 45 minutes. No you cannot go to the bathroom or get a drink, or pet the dog during those 45 minutes. When the 45 minutes are up, you have 3 minutes to do necessary errands and then you are to return to the table for 45 minutes of English. Same rules from math apply. This will be followed by 4 more 45 minutes of other subjects whether we are currently studying them or not.

My husband spoke with each of the children on the phone and they were surprisingly cordial the remainder of the day. This evening I received an email from my dear spouse that told a story of a mom who felt invisible and trapped in her tedious job of mothering. Been there; wrote the book. Her friend gave her the gift of a large book on cathedrals and wrote inside, “With admiration for the greatness of what you are building when no one sees.” The author described how the builders of the great cathedrals never saw the finished buildings. They labored and created works that others could enjoy. It’s true: mothering is building cathedrals. I cannot see the finished product, but I keep plugging along laying the foundation that I pray will one day support a magnificent work for Christ. 

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2 Responses to “Smoothie Slug Fest”

  1. Jennie C Says:

    From the title I thought perhaps “Slug Smoothies” were a new health thing. Slugs are pretty much my least favorite thing in the whole world, so I was pretty glad when it turned out different. I don’t think I’d ever be able to kiss your kids again if I thought they’d eaten slugs.

  2. Dayna K. Says:

    I received that email on cathedrals several weeks ago and it made my heart full. Sometimes I wonder what folks would think of my kids if they were a fly on the wall in my house. All the people at church, the gym, etc. that tell me, “Your kids are so wonderful. They are such sweeties!” Ahhhh, if they only knew………LOL!

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