?#6 from My Sister’s Jar – New Holiday

Mr. Hancock

If you could declare a new holiday, what would it be? How would it be celebrated?

This picture of Thomas Hancock is reproduced from his classic text: ‘The Origin and Progress of the Caoutchouc or India-Rubber Manufacture in England’ (1857).  Who is Thomas Hancock? you ask.  Not only is he a published author, he is one of my most hallowed inventors in history.  What did he invent? you ask.  Well, let me ask you a few questions.

Do you appreciate underwear that stay put in the correct place?  Do you frequently wear a brazier? Does “saggy jock strap” strike fear in your heart? Do you ever wear a ponytail?

If your answer was yes to any of those questions, then you too, have a fond appreciation for Mr. Thomas Hancock’s invention of ELASTIC.  Gone are the days of corsets and draw strings.  Hello girdles and suspenders!  And non-stretchy bathing suits…… just imagine!  Oh, the confines of the common wardrobe before Mr. Hancock worked his wonders.

May 8, 1786 was his birthday, so I think it would be fitting (get it?) to celebrate All Hail Elastic Day on May 7th.  Elastic would be banned on this day.  No stretchy fabrics at all.  What would you wear? Probably nothing UNDER.  Jeans, but only sans spandex.  The purpose behind the banning, is so that on Mr. Hancock’s birthday the following day, we would ALL appreciate his masterminded creation of elastic.

Are you with me?  Can you say ‘control top’? How about ‘tube top’?  Gimmie an E!  Gimmie an L!…….


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One Response to “?#6 from My Sister’s Jar – New Holiday”

  1. pluckymama Says:

    Although, the elastic invention lead to a few bad things as well…like scrunchies and those awful “jeans” that old people wear that are elastic at the top.

    I promise to be more thankful for elastic from this day forward! I need to wear a bra on that day though otherwise my milk will spill out all over the place.

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