Garage Sale gone Global, aka: Craig’s List

silk tree

Singlehandedly, I have uncovered a scheme for lonely people to interact with the outside world: post a FREE SILK TREE on Craig’s List.  The response is truly unbelievable.  Why do people need a “dusty silk tree with purple silk flowers glued in… could be removed without evidence”?  The answer is beyond my understanding. 

You may be wondering how I happened to have such a specimen.  (Don’t tell, but I HAD two.)  My husband brought them home to me, yes, from a garage sale, for our new house.  At that point they weren’t dusty.  They were just silk trees with purple flowers.  It was a good idea at the time.  But our “movin’ on up to the big house” plan didn’t materialize, and since then, our garage has been graced with their presence. 

Anyway, I was alone a few nights back and decided to post the garage trees for free on Craig’s List.  Within nanoseconds, I began receiving multiple emails from a broad cross-section of society who wanted my trees.  I simply responded to the first person.  Little did I realize that I could have made it a contest for “Best Reason for Wanting Silk Trees.”  The stories were amazing and amusing: a lady needed a non-faded tree for her patio because company was coming from out of state.  Another lady had an iguana sanctuary and the iguanas had grown so large that they were toppling their current silk trees.  A gent sent a heartfelt message about how his wife would just love the trees, and since he didn’t get a chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day, due to her illness, he would be grateful for the trees.  I was quite enjoying all the reasons people wanted them.  Their schedules were also a predominant response, caringly letting me know when they could come get the trees:  “I’ll be there at 8 a.m.” (OK, I’m not ready for social calls at 8 a.m.), or “My husband is off at 3 and he works just up the street from you”, or “I’ll be there when I can get a car”… and on and on.

The sad part was, after the 18th request for the silk trees, I decided to pull the ad, to stop the onslaught.  Well, for some unknown reason, my ad never posted to my account, so I couldn’t remove it.  I imagined hundreds of requests for purple-flowered silk trees flooding my email box.  I resorted to asking the kind tree-hungry people to tag my ad as “spam” for me.  After about two hours, thankfully it was removed.

But the interaction that occurred during those two hours was highly engaging.  One guy even sent an email in ALL CAPS that said, “I’LL GIVE YOU $20 FOR THE FREE TREES.”  :o)  I accepted.  The next morning I received another ALL CAPS email that he had experienced a “family tragedy” and was no longer able to pick up the trees.  NEXT!  The trees drove away with a lovely, elderly lady at 1:00 the next afternoon. 

If you are ever a bit bored and long to read personal emails, post a silk tree on Craig’s List.  Please send me the hilarious responses, so I can enjoy the experience again.  Heck, I might post the same picture, just to talk to my fellow neighbors again. (Don’t tell.)

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2 Responses to “Garage Sale gone Global, aka: Craig’s List”

  1. The Informal Matriarch Says:

    I freecycle all of the time and I got the same crazy responses for a casserole dish with roosters on it. I thought it was hilarious.

    Quite often when posting free things people don’t come because of “family emergency” I think it makes a good “excuse” just to not come and get stuff. You really should join the world of freecycle, it’s rather amusing as well.

  2. rixgal Says:

    Oh, I would have loved to have seen the rooster casserole dish! Something right out of Leave it to Beaver! (Maybe you are too young to know the Beav?)

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