OOOOh, I love a good sale!

zaza’s lamp

I’m only to be buying things we NEED right now.  The word NEED gets really fuzzy in my mind when I find darling purple or yellow decorations on clearance for Zaza’s room.  Zaza is the name we’ve temporarily given our little Colombian girl until we find out her given name.  The lamp was 75% off…… a mere $7.48… you can’t even buy all that trim for $7.  It was a sign from on high.  Thankfully I recognized it! 

Then in Kohl’s department store, I was wandering around enjoying a few moments to myself, and I happened upon the Me and My Big Sister frame….. 80% off.  Another sign.  When we first told our daughter, Larisa, that we were praying about adopting a little girl, she cried.  “I always wanted a sister, especially when I see you buy things for Auntie Christy, like the Chicken Soup Book for Sisters.”  I brought the frame home and gave it to Larisa…. she teared up again.  I can’t wait to finally take a picture of my two girls and put it in there.

I might as well report my Coupon Sense savings as well from Walgreen’s today, since I’m on the good sale topic:  I got 4 boxes of Anti-Viral Kleenex, 1 Aussie Conditioner, 2 Aussie Mousse, 1 Aussie Hair Spray, 2 Aussie Scrunch Spray, 1 bottle Multi Vitamins for women.  Would have cost:  $44.22.  With coupons, cash back and 1 rebate, I paid $3.60.  Saved 92%!  Shop Strong!

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2 Responses to “OOOOh, I love a good sale!”

  1. Beth Says:

    Thank you for your email. I have added your blog to my favs. I will follow along on your adoption journey. Beth

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    Sisters rock!

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