Wanna Buy a Piece o’ Junk?

golf cart

I was away speaking at a women’s retreat in Oregon last year.  My sister lead worship for the weekend and my mother attended as well.  While we were there, my dad called my mom to check in and see how the ladies were doing.  He proceeded to tell her that my husband had bought a golf cart while we were gone.  Our marital limit for spending money without the knowledge of our spouse is set at $50.  It was a guess, but I figured the golf cart was much beyond our unwritten spending rule amount.  Oh, was I ever right.  Rick told my dad that the vehicle was worth $1,300 but he got it for only $500 and was planning on making some money selling it.  Which is all fine and good, IF YOU DON’T HAVE A $50 check-with-your-spouse-limit.  I wondered what kind of a piece-a-junk, Lawrence Welk, 1962 golf cart he found for only $500!  (Have a look for yourself!)

Two days before I was to return home, Rick had to fly to Texas for Flight Safety re-current training.  I knew when his classes were…. and when he wouldn’t be able to answer the phone.  So I called his cell when I could leave a message and made up this story:  (note that he doesn’t know that I know about the golf cart purchase)  “Rick, I found this great set of cooking pots on sale for only $500.  They are normally $1,300.  I was just checking in with you if I could get them.  The sale is today only and the store is closing in about an hour.  If you don’t call back, I’m going to get them because I really need them and this is a great deal. I love you.  Bye.”  Also note the dollar amounts I used.  He never suspected a THING!  I was amazed that I made it through the message without laughing.

Later that night, Rick called.  The first thing I asked was, “Honey, I know we haven’t talked about our spending limit in a long time.  I know it used to be $50, but what is it now?” 

After a long pause, Rick choked out, “$500,” …saving himself!  

“WOW!  What’s gotten into you?  Do you have something to tell me?  Did you buy something?????”  I pried.

He confessed to the golf cart purchase.  I confessed to lying about the pots.  Funny thing was, he told me that he figured I could keep the pots with the profit he would make selling the golf cart.  I should have run out right then and bought some $500 pots….. or $500 of scrapbooking supplies…. or $500 of something.

A few months later, Rick went to Canada to his grandmother’s funeral.  I took the opportunity to put this ad on Craig’s List: “Golf Cart for Sale… Cheap!  Husband bought it while wife was away.  Wife selling it while husband is away.  Hurry!”  That was the weekend I learned that golf carts are legitimate vehicles with pink slips, registration, insurance and specific owners.  Shoot.  It was a valiant try on my part.

He bought it on March 23, 2007.  Why am I telling this story today????  Because on March 3, 2008, three days ago the golf cart was sold and drove away from our house, leaving a HUGE space in our garage which I rapidly claimed!  Wooooo Hoooooo.  Yes, Rick made a profit…. not the $800 he anticipated, but just enough to buy some pots……… hhhhhmmmmm.

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8 Responses to “Wanna Buy a Piece o’ Junk?”

  1. Michele Says:

    Linda you are looking HOT!!

  2. The Informal Matriarch Says:

    Oh my goodness that was funny.

  3. rixgal Says:

    Thanks, Michele. Yeah, that there is a great example of bed head. And I don’t remember, but I’m sure the devo glasses are covering naked eyes. And the gun… maybe that’s why you said I look so HOT? Were you scared? It’s only a pellet gun that was on the seat before I climbed in, so I picked it up. Don’t be scared, Chelly.

  4. Jill Says:

    What’s with the weapon?? Were you and Maverick riding around shooting pellets at your kids? Is that a new way of improving your sons agility on the ice?

  5. Jennie C. Says:

    I think it’s adorable. I can’t believe you made him sell it. If you put a snow machine engine in one of those babies – it really goes.

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