Crosby Adoption News x2

crosbys x2

Ice skating in Abbotsford, BC, Winter of 2006.  This is the only picture I have of the Crosby Brothers, Rick and Terry, and their families.  Terry and Jennie are the adults that aren’t us.  Their three kids are all wearing a shade of red, or orange or pink.  Ours aren’t.  Their three are the same ages as our three, 14, 11 and 9.

The good news for them today:  the judge ruled that it would be in the best interest of their three kids to be adopted by Terry and Jennie, whom they have lived with for over 5 years.  Woooo Hoooo!  It might still take up to a year to finish the adoptions, but YEAH!  Finally!

Our adoption news today:  we have been assigned a region in Colombia!  Yeah.  But we don’t know which one.  Booo.  We’re waiting, as is the name of the game in adoption…. especially international adoption.

We also have a large payment due this Friday, or our case goes on hold (which we do not want!)  Please pray with us for God’s money for our adoption to come in.  Blessings!

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One Response to “Crosby Adoption News x2”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    You could also say “the ones with the helmets”!

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