?#9 from My Sister’s Jar – More Time


(So we just finished the 12th week of the year…. and I’m only on question #9.  I have some catching up to do.)

What do you wish you had more time to do?

Quite a few things actually.  I’m getting rather efficient at saying “no” when asked to do extra things, but still my plate is very full.  I like it that way.  Busy people get things done.  I’m certainly the busy type….. on steroids.  I realize that I have the ability to MAKE the time to add these activities to my schedule, but I haven’t squeezed them in at this place in time.  Here’s my wish list:

1.  Learn Spanish.  I really need to get on this one.  I have the tools, but need to make the commitment.  I don’t want our adopted daughter to be the only Spanish speaking member of the household.  OK.  It starts tomorrow.  (Welcome to my accountability group…. so check up on me, OK?)

2.  Watercolor painting.  I did start this, but haven’t taken the time to paint lately.

3.  Read.  I love reading for recreation, and usually have about 5 or 6 books going at a time.  I don’t right now.  Anyone know a great book I should get at the library?

4. Garden.  I have a vision for a raised bed veggie garden in the far corner of our backyard.  It hasn’t happened, partly due to the lack of sprinkler lines running to that area of the yard.  Secondly, if I’m going to do it, I need to do it NOW.  It was already 90 degrees this week here in Phoenix.  Maybe I should assign the sprinkler addition task to my industrious son.  He was 9 when he drew the plans for the backyard drip system and installed it.  He’s a natural.

What do you wish you had more time to do?

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6 Responses to “?#9 from My Sister’s Jar – More Time”

  1. Luis and Joan Says:

    Buenos Dias, Your blog made itself known to mine because of your interest in learning Spanish. My husband is Peruvian and I am from the US so learning Spanish was a family necesity for me as well. I have a Blog about my process of learning Spanish and we have many wonderful offerings for people who want to learn Spanish as my husband teaches Spanish. I invite you to see our webpage; http://www.rojasspanish.com

    Buena suerte con todo! Joan Rojas

  2. Coral Says:

    It’s 90 degrees this week,…ahhh,… Here the snow is melting again,….the dog poop is showing out side the door but it’s stuck in the ice so we can’t clean it up,….it’s just there saying ha ha you can’t clean me up yet,…but you can see me and smell me ha ha. Also on that same vein you will find this amusing,.. I’m back working at the hospital-housekeeping. Yes, I believe as of last night I couldn’t get more grossed out,..someone had been given an enema,…say no more. GROSSSSSSS TO THE MAX!!!

  3. Angela C Says:

    I wish I had more time for scrapbooking or at least putting my family pictures in albums and out of boxes. More time to be with family and enjoy the grand kids…all four! I guess I’ll have to leave some margins on the pages of my life.

  4. MasterBruceman's Wife Says:

    Hola, Linda, mi mismo mejor amigo. Te falto mucho y deseo de tenerte conmigo diario. Estoy alegre decir que eres mi amigo del forever y sé que lograrás todos que precises para hacer, con la ayuda de dios. Mucho amor y admiración…OK, I have given Bruce a deadline for my raised beds and I did it because I need to “teach this unit” before school is out. Botany, you know? We have a guy coming on Friday to hopefully make the final touches to the fence and bender board so then we can get the dirt. More Time…Scrapbook, yes…and organize the house so it can stop hanging over my head. I also want to get my pictures organized so I can enjoy when my kids were cute and so can they…not that they aren’t cute now of course, I just don’t want to forget a moment.

  5. rixgal Says:

    Hold on, Connie, let me grab the Spanish/English dictionary…. and I KNOW one of your kids wrote that!

  6. MasterBruceman's Wife Says:

    ok yes I cheated…I went to the Spanish translator online…Chelsea said the auto-translators don’t translate well, but I meant every word of it…in English, since I am not sure what it translated to…lo siento

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