The Fat Lady Sang Tonight


Austin Rick Crosby, #9 Center on the Sharks, PeeWee House League 2007-2008.  This was Aus’ first year in the league and even though he was one of the youngest players he tied for second in scoring.


Keeve Kennedy Crosby, #5 Left Defense on the Rangers, Squirt House League 2007-2008.  After Keeve placed third in the State of AZ for fastest skater…. he figured out that he was a fast skater… and cranked it on showing amazing ability and speed in the last four games of the season.


A true hockey tradition:  try to kill the goalie who just won the game by dog-piling him until he can’t breathe.  Max survived just fine.  (Keeve is on the top left side of the pile, visible only from the rear down…. with his legs spread.)

rick bench

Valiant Coach, Rickey Allan Crosby, observing the game from the bench…. in the rust colored Coyotes jacket.

Yes, tonight was the night I’ve been waiting for …. for 7.65 months.  The end of hockey season.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the sport: what it teaches the boys, the skill improvements witnessed, the thrill of my son scoring, the thrill of my son stopping opponents from scoring, drinking hot chocolate in the ice-cold stands.  But, it has consumed 4 nights a week for more than half the year.  I’m just ready to eat dinner around the dinner table with all five of us in attendance.  Blame it on my maternal instincts.

Both Keeve and Austin had excellent seasons.  Both teams missed the championship games by 1 point, yet won the consolation games by more than 1 point.  It was a great ending to a long season.

Great job, my strong and brave sons!  We are SOOO very proud of you!  Now go play in the dirt and make things out of sticks and throw water on each other and lie in the grass and build bike ramps and forts for a few months. 


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