Wanted: Moving Boxes

wires boxes

Recently I saw a video on YouTube where a man was describing the difference between the brains of men and women.  It was choice!  He described a woman’s brain as a conglomeration of interconnecting wires that have multiple pieces of information flying from here to there at all times.  I believe this is true…. even in my sleep I can’t turn off the thoughts and ideas.  I wake up at 3:27 in the morning and mentally add items to my grocery list.

Then he explained how a man’s brain functions, and I found it to be shockingly true as well.  He said there are many little boxes  in a man’s head.  Each one holds specific information for an event or idea.  But only one box can be opened at a time.  If a conversation shifts gears, he must close the first box in order to open the next box that applies.  AND, most importantly, the box that men usually have open is the empty box.  This explains a lot, doesn’t it, girls?

I used to think my dear husband was hearing impaired when I had to repeat things to him.  Now I realize that he was busy closing the empty box, so that he could open the box I was talking about.  No wonder he gets tired of having in-depth conversations with me!  Think of all the work involved! 

I let my daughter watch the video so that she would have a greater understanding of the opposite sex.  I wish I had known this truth when I was her age.  She laughed, but I thought that was the last of her response.  Au contraire.  On Sunday, we were driving to church and I asked Rick a question about our afternoon hockey activities.  No response.  After a few seconds, I heard a voice quietly drift from the back seat, “Close the empty box.  Open the hockey box.”  Of course Rick didn’t hear that because he was in mental motion.  Then he said, “What?”  And the females burst out with peals of laughter, bringing on another, “WHAT?”  He’s such a dear.  I love him to pieces.

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6 Responses to “Wanted: Moving Boxes”

  1. seattlegraphix Says:

    hahaha!! Absolutely WONDERFUL! I’ll have to share it with my daughter :)


  2. Jill Says:

    OK, you MUST tell me where I can find that video on YouTube. I must inform my three girls as well. Anything to help them better understand men would be a plus.

  3. lavonna Says:

    See, all these years I thought men just had selective hearing. I guess it was just which box to open and which one to close…oh no, what was it he was doing again…ha.ha.ha.

    God bless our men and for leaving the multitasking to the women.

  4. rixgal Says:


  5. Kim Says:

    I can actually picture Rick closing a box and then opening a box…. this answers a lot of questions about raising Sons…


  6. The Informal Matriarch Says:

    I agree with that my husband is much like that…unfortunately my brain mostly feels like scrambled eggs all goopy with cheese.

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