The Saga of Crazy Car Challenges

Last week, (at least I thought it was only last week until today) we had car challenges.  My husband has an economical vehicle that uses alternate fuel to get him 30 miles to work each day.  Because of the fuel, it has special license plate that allows Rick to drive in the carpool lane…. BUT the transmission died.  Hubby quickly insured and registered his royal blue race car (Eagle Talon) to get his booty to work… but now he’s in the regular lanes with the slowpokes.  (Add 20 minutes to his commute time… both ways.)  Three days later, my wake up call is Rick telling me that the clutch went on the race car and it would only drive in reverse.  So he drove several blocks home… in reverse and took the family minivan to work. Beauty, eh?  We borrowed a car and the week went on.  Then the back quarter panel of the van got scraped on a metal pole holding up a parking cover…..

So today I took the van in and borrowed my dad’s restored 1966 cherry red Mustang.  It has it’s moments, but it’s fun to drive.  Long story short, someone hit it while I was in charge of it.  Bummer dude. 

If you want grief in your life, just do something for God.  The devil likes when we sit back and don’t make waves.  But when we aim to live out our destiny of reaching out and encouraging others, he gets in our face… usually with something that really bugs us.  Like car problems.  I felt like yelling, “Is that all you got?” but I didn’t want to find out… so I didn’t.

2 Responses to “The Saga of Crazy Car Challenges”

  1. Lois Says:

    I recognize the pattern, but God is GOOD. We Win!!!!

  2. LaVonna Says:

    There will be trials and tribulations. Just small bumps in the road…no pun intended. God is greater and that stinking devil has not won! The most important thing, ya’ll are in good health and doing just fine! ;)

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