Copyright Infringement at Kinko’s


So an author walks into Kinko’s (kind of like a duck walking into a bar) ….

I needed to make enlarged, laminated copies of my book cover for the upcoming signings.  Enter the author in Kinko’s.  I hand my adorable pink book to this cute, black gal (with the most amazing skin I’ve ever seen…. so I told her) wearing her navy Kinko’s shirt.  All I asked for was an 11×17 copy of the cover.  The manager hears my request, descends on us like vultures to carrion and takes the book from cutie-pie.  He immediately starts flipping through the initial pages of the text to find the copyright info, in order to show me why he will not allow his store to be sued by breaking copyright laws.  I apreciated his thoroughness…. a bit.  Flip.   Flip, flip.  Flip.  “Are you Linda     Ann      Crosby?”  (Like those were hard names to pronounce!)

“Yes, I am.  It’s my book,” I said proudly outloud for the first time to someone to whom I’m not related.

“Did you make it?” he inquired, staring stealthily into my eyes trying to save his store from fraud.

“Well, no.  I WROTE it.  But I didn’t actually MAKE the book.” I’m a truthsayer, to put it delicately.

Then he flipped the book over and saw my family picture….. including Aus, who was standing next to me.  “OH!  O.K.”

So while he’s off rightfully copying my cover, another Kinko’s navy shirt approaches me from the other side of the counter… his tag identifies him as Jeff In Training.  He used the best pick-up line I’ve heard in a long time, “So, you wrote a book.”  It was not a question.  He was stating the obvious.  Not sure of his motives, with my dazzling wedding band in full view and my 11 year old son by my side, and not sure of how to answer, I said, “Yes, and a publisher even picked it up!”

Then the truth was laid bare on the speckled Kinko’s counter in the hearing distance of many… “I’ve been thinking of writing a book.” 

“Good for you!  Just do it.” (Ok, cheesy, I know….. sorry Nike.)  He proceeds to tell me that he is a single dad of an 18 month old son and every night he thinks of ironic advice that he receives from hypocritical relatives.  He finds it so humorous that he thinks it will sell.  I agree.  I encourage him to start writing tonight.  Then he asks what my book is about.  My brief answer was, “Stories about funny things my kids did.”  He asked where it was for sale.  I replied, “All the Christian book stores in the area.”  “How much?”  “$10.99” “I want to buy one, but I don’t have cash today.  Can you come back with one tomorrow and autograph it for me?”

Maybe.  No, I’m busy.  Just go find it online.  Well, duh.  YES!  I didn’t want to look anxious to sell a copy, so I thought I’d wait a day or two, but I realized tonight that I need 2 more enlarged, laminated copies of my book cover….. so tomorrow I’m going back to see Jeff In Training. 

Assuming my devotional would be for sale in Christian bookstores to Christian moms, I didn’t grasp the big witnessing potential until today.  Wow!  That’s all I have to say.  Wow!

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2 Responses to “Copyright Infringement at Kinko’s”

  1. LaVonna Says:

    Amazing! Hey, I need a copy of that hot little book you have. Rachel like’s the pink cover.

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    That is REALLY cool.

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