Apologies to my Peeps

A few things have been going on here in sunny AZ that have kept me from feeling creative… or having time to stop and think, for that matter.  My mom has been in the hospital for the past three days.  She came home today, thank the Lord.  Rick’s mom went in the hospital and is still there… waiting for a hip replacement. (No fun in Canada with a wait list…. Nationalized health care is great, as long as you don’t need an operation.)

Remember when I was going to scream at the devil (I never give him the respect of capitalizing his name) “Is that all you got?”  Well, I’ve been stretched again this week.  Pray Pray Pray.

Good news:  my baby sister flew in tonight to surprise mom tomorrow.  That should prove entertaining. Hopefully mom’s heart can take it.  (She was in for abdominal stuff, so we should be fine.) And it’s the scrapbook convention on Friday!  Wooo Hoooo

I’ll be back to my jovial typing self soon.  I remembered a hilarious colonoscopy story that I long to share with y’all.  :o)

No recent adoption news.  :o(




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