Blessings from on High

Notice anything?

Do you have a gifting in some area that is so ingrained in your being that there is no other explanation than God put it there?  I do too.  Do you find it annoying and wonder exactly why God put it there?  I do too. 

Mine is noticing every minute, minuscule and microscopic thing that is not exactly right.  It could be a missing cuff button on a man’s shirt… the kind with 2 or 3 buttons…. and only ONE is MIA.  OR it could be an extra space in a sentence of a book.  How  in the  world couldn’t an  editor see it?  The spaces REALLY bug me when they are on the left margin.  OR it could be a detail, such as the color of a character’s eyes…. that somehow change from blue to green from the beginning to the end of the book.  I found that in a novel once.  I got up, grabbed some white-out and fixed it on the spot.  OR typos on printed advertising material.  I will not be hiring anyone who wants to help me with the Arizona Dessert Landscaping.

My dear husband has grown accustomed to minor wardrobe corrections, a HAIR cut (meaning a single hair), and my need to straighten whatever he just did.  Straight is straight.  Crooked is crooked. Go with it.

Thank God we relax as we age.  Oh, I still notice every blinkin’ bitty thing that’s not lined up or missing…. but I just live with it now.  OK, not in MY life, but in those around me.  I wonder what occupation would benefit from this wonderful trait I possess?  Maybe a janitor in a surgical ward… where cleanliness means life or death?  My hubby thinks I should be a book or magazine editor, but my speling nor grammar ain’t good enough fo’ that.

What’s yours?

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5 Responses to “Blessings from on High”

  1. The Informal Matriarch Says:

    Did Rick and Terry marry the same woman or what?? ha ha ha.

    My gifting from on high is NOT noticing minor details :) ha ha ha.

  2. rixgal Says:

    THAT is a true gifting, Leah!

  3. Michele Says:

    I want your email!!! I really want your BOOK!!!

  4. Lois Chamberlain Says:

    I can’t deal with untidy cupboards, closets and drawers to the point of needing to have clothes in color groupings. … and then there’s the spelling errors that jump in my face, especially in church bulletins and overheads LOL. …and guess what – God placed me with someone who doesn’t have a care in those areas. It’s taught me grace!

  5. Haunty Djennie Says:

    It’s called “low latent inhibition”. Thankfully, according to Wikipedia: “In recent years, low latent inhibition is being looked at as less of a mental disorder…” It leads to creative genius!

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