It’s Official! WOOOooo HOOOooooooo

April 26, 2008.  My first book signing at Devotion Christian Store in Scottsdale…. makes my heart glad.  All those blood-shot-eye nights in front of the computer diligently trying to tell the quirky family stories …. in less than 400 words … were all a blur today.  Several times I have asked my hubby, in the dark of the night long after we should have been sleeping, if my book is just a stupid little devotional book.  He would chuckle and think I was kidding.  I wasn’t.  Of course he loved my stories… they are about HIS kids.  And my mom loved them, but mother’s love everything their children create.  And my first editor loved the stories, but I paid her to tell me that. :o)

Today as strangers came and picked up my darling pink book, read the stories and then asked for an autograph…. the descriptive words “stupid and little” were washed from my mind. 

The Lord is so faithful at guiding our steps.  The only way to describe this entire journey is the favor of the Lord.  It is amazing to see the hands in which the Lord is putting my book.  Jewish hands.  Unbelieving hands.  Grandmotherly hands. Husband’s hands.  And I am so honored that KIDS are discovering the joy reading the book!  I’m not sure if I would advise that or not.  They could find much fuel for folly.

Thank you to all who believed in me and supported me and loved me.  I am humbled and honored to be surrounded by such amazing people.  XOXOXO


Proud Parents :o)

OH!  My website is up!  Yeah, Sarah!  Check it out!


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One Response to “It’s Official! WOOOooo HOOOooooooo”

  1. The Informal Matriarch Says:

    Congrats!! I got all teary reading this. Such a great accomplishment.

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