Frugality at its Finest

Deep in my heart I feel that Mr. Wallet deserves more than just a single blog entry to hail his genius attempts at saving money.  (See Mr. Economical from a few days back.)  Early on in our marriage, Loverboy would buy cards and write lovey-dovey sentiments in them that would make my eyes mist and my heart pitter-patter… BUT he never wrote my name on the envelopes NOR licked them shut.  Why would you waste an envelope on only one recipient????  (Not like the next gas station greeting card didn’t have its own personal envelope.)  I asked Rick if he didn’t think I was worthy of using up an entire envelope’s life.  He realized the error of his ways. 

With the knowledge of my envelope-worthiness in mind, Reeko Suave continued to buy cards for his loving wife… and he started licking just the teeny-tiny tip of the sticky point…. to prove his undying passion for me.  I again asked if I was not envelope worthy.

Next, Casanova finally began writing my very own name on the front of the envelope…. in itty-bitty letters…. in the top right corner…. that could eventually be covered by a postage stamp.  Where does this kind of thinking come from???  He’s too young to remember the Despression era. AGAIN, I explained that my self worth was plummeting with every postage-stamp-sized depiction bearing my name.  The light finally went on.

The envelopes given to me since that time have BIG letters L-I-N-D-A on them, with pictures drawn of birthday cakes and bunnies and Easter eggs…. or balloons where the string is a line of loving sentiments swirling around the front of the envelope.  Rickey has come full circle and I have arrived and am now worthy an entire envelope. Thank you very much.

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4 Responses to “Frugality at its Finest”

  1. The Informal Matriarch Says:

    Looks like Rick is the next person to write a book. I’d never think of all those ways to save money…incredible. I just can’t imagine the clutter that comes with saving envelopes and used garbage bags!!!

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    You SERIOUSLY need me (or Larisa) to proof-read your blog :) It’s “frugality” girlfriend! Unless, perhaps, you meant “feudality.” One benefit of odd spellings… when other people spell like you in their Google wanderings, your blog is one of the first hits.

    P.S. I save envelopes. They are in a neat little stash in my shorts drawer.

  3. rixgal Says:

    Did you know that spell check doesn’t include titles of blogs??? I did.

    I’m telling you, THIS is why I have an editor!!!

  4. Lavonna Says:

    Rick must be the lost twin to my husband. Oh the ways he has saved us money over the years and the stories that go untold. That my dear would take more than a blog comment. God bless our men!

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