A Tribute to my Husband, the Videographer, Part 1


Billy-Bob and Linda  (Can you tell I just found out he was wearing his false teeth???)

The year was 1993. My sister, Christy, was graduating from Vanguard University in Southern California and we had been invited to attend her senior recital.  We were living in Northern Alberta so any excuse to visit California was a good one. She majored in Vocal Performance and I had never heard her sing opera…. seriously… so I was anticipating a reallygoodshow.  My parents asked Rick if he would video tape some of the songs…. so they could enjoy the performance. They should have known better.  He’d been their prankster son-in-law for six years by that time. Rick faithfully fulfilled his duty… with a peculiar smile on his handsome face… which I assumed was due to the type of music my sister was belting out.  Not exactly the rock-n-roll we loved.  Not even in English, for that matter.

Unbeknownst to the sane family members, Rick was videotaping Christy…. and zooming in on the bald head of the capable piano player who was accompanying my talented sister. Not just once or twice.  It was throughout the ENTIRE recital… over and over and over….. Christy…. bald head from far away… Christy… bald head zoom shot… Christy… bald head from other side of the room. This was not when bald heads were cool and hip. This was a hair-loss victim surviving the only way he could without wearing a rug.  

The video still makes me laugh. My mother was absolutely disgusted. He’s such a dork. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Videographer.



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One Response to “A Tribute to my Husband, the Videographer, Part 1”

  1. The Informal Matriarch Says:

    That is SO something Terry would do too.

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