American Graffiti

Please refer to yesterday’s post to see the circumstances that brought on American Graffiti.  When we left our homestead to attend my husband’s naturalization ceremony, our home was far less patriotic than this:

Our driveway was clean… well, in a used-oil-stained-driveway sort of way…..

Not an exact replica” ??????  Try YOU’RE MISSING THE BOTTOM HALF OF THE FLAG!

Now I realize that to people in Canada the word Indian means people from India.  Well, this is referring to Native North American First Nations Feather-Wearing Bow-and-Arrow-Shooting Indians…. who were here FIRST.  And the 6 out of 7 was Rick’s score on his patriot test.  He obviously folded under the duress of the interview because the one question he missed was an easy one.  No need to mention it here.  But feel free to call him and ask him directly what the stripes on the flag represent.  His recall on this subject has dramatically improved since the said interview.

This is hard to read, but conveniently for the American Graffiti vandals, our garage door has the exact number of squares to spell both American and Maverick….   Speaking of Maverick, if you’re going to change your name… pick a cool name, like Maverick. Just a thought.

Now I think glittery confetti is cute in small amounts that unsuspectingly fall out of a greeting card…. but three gallons of red, white and blue stars, circles and flags…. ON THE FRONT PORCH.. tracks through the house worse than a fly sticking to flypaper.  We are leaving it for the Fourth of July, however.  Very decorative.

This is another decorative touch that goes unnoticed by the untrained yard graffiti eye.  There are 100 toothpick American flags in the tasteful desert landscape leading to the house.  The ground squirrels are sure to think something is strange in their territory.

The criminals returned to the scene of the crime offering an American berried-whip-cream-pound cake wonder of a cake as pittance for the crimes.  This is Andy and Jill‘s second appearance in my blog, this time minus the taped-shut eyes, wrist brace, bandaids and tensor bandages.  That visit was in honor of Rick as well as this one.  What dear friends.


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One Response to “American Graffiti”

  1. LaVonna Says:

    Congratulations Rick!

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