A special thanks to my hubby Rick who wrote his first blogs this past week here at My Sister’s Jar!  Well done, honey. 

Kid’s camp went great!  I survived another year and lived to tell the tale.  This year was like no other.  We’ve never sent kids home before. It was a new adventure. These were kids from MY cabin too.  Five girls, to be exact.  Nothing builds your self esteem as a dorm counselor like children who needed spankings years ago and their parents failed them… miserably.  They were given three major chances to improve their behavior, but simply weren’t interested.  And frankly, I wasn’t interested in any more chances.  I took the 80 minute drive home as an opportunity to preach hell fire and brimstone…. just kidding.  I did tell the girls that they were good kids who made bad decisions…. and if the pattern didn’t change, their lives would be miserable.  Who knows if it even broke the granite surface of their hearts.

Here’s Lacey Jane sliding through the rainbow.  My son, Keeve, is the boy standing in line wearing a t-shirt and jean shorts because he forgot to pack his swim suit (even though it was checked off on the list) with the red lightning bolt painted into his hair.  Makes a mama proud.

I put my earplugs in the night after the girls were gone and heard buzzing in my head.  I’m lying there thinking, “Does that buzzing mean my blood pressure is sky rocketing?  Is this what internal self combustion feels like?” But then I fell asleep and all was well when the sun peaked through the gaudy flower curtains on the PVC pipe curtain rod that was screwed into the wall.  (Design on a Dime could learn a few tricks at this camp!)

We were the Longhorns this week and we came in fifth place out of eight teams, but our cheer and our sign were the bomb, baby.  We lifted both arms up but tilted our hands down, you know, like longhorns.  And like the Karate Kid pose from days gone by.  Anyway, after an eating/drinking/ turned-into-ralphing game for our team’s contestant, we lifted our arms and yelled “Longhorns!”  and ended with a barfing noise.  It was the only thing that kept us sane the whole week.  :o) 

Our speaker was a totally fabulous story teller named Kevin from Washington.  He conveniently chose me to assist with a Bible story as one of four bad guys who could only answer in opera singing.  Can I just say that I may have missed my calling in life?!  My boys were amazed at how well I sang opera.  If only I knew some Italian, I could’ve brought the house down.

See, you can act like a kid at kid’s camp and everyone’s O.K. with it.  That’s why I go.

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One Response to “I’m BAAA-AAAACK!”

  1. LaVonna Says:

    You big meany…hee.hee. More power to you in leading a young group of females. I’d take the guys; less drama. :)


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