Capturing the Life of a Boy

Pouring over past pictures on the ‘puter, I happened on this gem.  It’s a collection of quality paraphernalia from the drawer in my 11 year old son’s desk.  I remember taking the picture because I was trying to capture the ordinary things in life that get overlooked in scrapbooks and photo albums, but are the essence of raising boys.  Call me weird, but I get such a kick out of boys’ stuff.  They’re such BOYS!

The customary desky type items are accounted for: ruler, heavy duty black paper “clip” (what are those things called?) and rubberbands.  But upon closer inspection you see it is not single rubberbands… 27 of them have been fastened together, I’m assuming, as a weapon of mass destruction, possibly used in combination with the cork and the ruler.  A CORK?  What in the world?  Is he moonshining under his bed again???

Onto the thank you cards.  I can see three different ones in here including the whole pack of yellow ones on the left side with blood dripped on them.  These are given to our children every Christmas in their stockings from Santa because Santa knows that boys need to be taught how to be thankful, given the tools and step-by-step instructions.  Seems I dropped the ball with the step-by-step part.  <Sigh>

The disposable camera made me chuckle because the boys only use these at summer camp.  I took the picture at the end of October.  Was he going to ask to have them developed in December or January when he was missing camp the most???

The out-of-its-case CD would make my husband’s heart pound…. every CD has a home and that’s where they should be.  How many times do we have to say it before it clicks in his little head?

My personal favorites in the picture:

#1 The coiled metal scrubbie in the bottom right corner….  why, oh why?  Was there dried macaroni stuck to his bed that required a ScrubBud??  Or was it being pulled apart piece by piece and wrapped around his teeth as self imposed braces?  Or possibly used with batteries and a high-voltage shocker?

#2 The carefully ripped out piece of the Peaches and Cream instant oatmeal box.  Our younger son sometimes does this if he is needing to spell a word.  But PEACHES AND CREAM?  Boys don’t write things about peaches and cream.

Don’t miss the ordinary in your house.  Go get the camera and take some defining pictures that capture the here and now.  I hear it will be gone in the blink of an eye.

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8 Responses to “Capturing the Life of a Boy”

  1. conniewoman Says:

    Binder Clips…that is the word that was escaping you. Yes, I cleaned out Connor’s room (with his help, since I was not going to torture him like my mom did when I was away and she threw out all my “treasures”. But I am not bitter. Better to try and reason with them on WHY we are throwing it out). One of the most notable was the wallet full of expired coupons. the ones that the kids get for “free” at the grocery store with the little tag sticking out that you constantly run into, usually with your head. Yeah, he’ll make a great penny pinching husband someday. One of the items he got to keep was the bottle tops of all my iced teas…hey, so he is a collector, it is in the genes.

  2. Stephanie Brown Says:

    Holy cow this is hilarious. My son is 12. I could completely duplicate this picture a hundred times over with all the random bits that are in his room. Rubber bands and the copper wire torn from around the inside of a speaker and homegrown crystals and sticks for building rafts to float in the rain and net for the future squirrel trap and YES the CDs with no cases and a stack of wrappers that all used to be attached to lip balms… zip ties, carabiners and all manner of fasteners, tapes and adhesives… old motors, interesting coins… it goes on and on. Boys and their stuff… very interesting.

  3. LaVonna Says:

    Hey Linda,

    James is 14 and it changes just a bit, but add in more tech stuff and that is what 14 will look like. :)

  4. tanya Says:

    Definitely something to remember. I have a 3 y.o. boy who is constantly finding “treasures” around the house and he puts them in boxes and containers which he carries around the house (possibly to keep them away from his younger brother). Once that box is full and he’s done playing with them he stashes the box away and starts a new one the next time he finds a treasure. I’m left finding boxes filled with a bouncy ball, a pad of sticky notes, a harmonica, Mr. Potatohead’s tongue, and outlet cover, an old pizza flyer, and whatever else. It seems like such a pain to empty these boxes and find homes for all this junk, but next time I’m going to take a picture of the box to remember what my son treasured.

  5. Aunty Jennie Says:

    So cute – which son?

  6. rixgal Says:

    Aus is my only 11 year old son. I realize you’re mind is on sewing, Jennie.

  7. rixgal Says:

    Tanya, I love the box idea. And yes, photos are much easier to store than boxes. :o)

  8. Brett Elizabeth Spore Says:

    I absolutely love this photo. Thanks for sharing it and causing inspiration.

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