Mystery Solved! Now what?

When in Tahoe a yearly ritual is to go garage sale-ing on Saturday morning.  You can find gems at Tahoe garage sales that aren’t available in Phoenix garage sales.  We have come home with a snow board (SOOOO useful in Phoenix), Calphalon pots, quilts, a purseshaped like Chinese take-out boxes, a Fiddler on the Roof DVD (“If I were a rich man, deedle diddle diddle deedle di da deedle di da dum”), a pink pooka shell necklace (Austin’s purchase), a BB gun and more, I’m sure.  I simply can’t remember all the nuggets of gold we’ve uncovered. 

THIS trip we found an antique Singer sewing machine.  I didn’t rapidly jump at the deal because, being a member of the BFZ sewing team, I know a bit about sewing machines and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make this one work.  There was no pedal foot.  There was no attachment port for a pedal foot.  There was no hand crank.  There was no foot treadle.  There was a motor.  But it was a mere $10, so Rick bought it while I stood there perplexed.  Here is the little beauty that we’ve named Agnes:

Thankfully, someone who works at Singer put all the serial numbers on the web so we were able to quickly date the ol’ girl… 1924.  Wow!  Agnes is 84 years old.  But, you ask, what good is an antique sewing machine if it doesn’t sew?  I know.  My thoughts exactly.  The internet came through AGAIN.  Thank God Al Gore invented the internet for such a time as this. Just yesterday someone here in Phoenix put Agnes’ cousin up for sale and there was a peculiar bar that was absent from Agnes’ side.  It was described as the knee control bar.  Look closely.  It’s the bent crowbar looking black thingy:

Mystery solved!  So now what?  Somehow I don’t think a want ad for “1924 Knee Control Bar” will do the trick.  Where’s my 1776 metal forging blacksmith when I need one?  If only Paul Revere were here, he would save the day AGAIN.  Rick’s answer, “We just need to make one!”   Yeah, right.  I’ve heard that before.  I am wide open for suggestions.  HELP!

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8 Responses to “Mystery Solved! Now what?”

  1. Jill Says:

    That’s risky taking your husband to garage sales. Has he sold the purple low-rider yet?

    Nuff said.

  2. rixgal Says:

    No, he is currently driving the purple low-rider to work. Get’s him there in style.

  3. Ora Says:

    I’m looking for one also. Think we accidently tossed it.
    Our daughter was born at Squaw Valley.

  4. Fetneh Vagn Jensen Says:

    You can buy the kne bars online one of the sites I stunbled over was this one.

    I havn’t used them myself so I cannot give any guaranties.

    I was wondering if your singer from 1924 has a motor attached to it?

  5. Eric Says:

    I have just found the exact same model (with knee bar). It doesnt look quite as good as yours. What has happened with it in the 4 years since you posted this? I am interested in restoring mine. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

    • rixgal Says:

      Well, mine left the house at a yard sale…. raising money for our adoption. A friend’s dad bought it, so I may still have the chance to see it again some day. Good luck with your restoration.

    • Jamie Bennett Says:

      I have one also. My father picked it up for me a few years ago and I’m just now taking a look at it. I’m not seeing a power cord so I’m searching this one. Glad I found you all. Thanks, Jamie Bennett, PA

  6. tom Says:

    I have one also it has a power cord and the light works but didn’t know how to work it as mine is also missing. The knee bar perhaps. Any ideas on what kind of finish was on them? I tried to clean mine using ordinary rubbing alcohol and that didn’t turn out well as it appears to have turned the clear coat closet I’m hoping its just yearsof ffurniture Polish help please

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