The New Kids on the Block

Bags for Zaza, the fundraiser for our adoption, has four new kids up this week, Junie B. Jones, Pudd’nhead Wilson, Caddie Woodlawn and Danny Lynn!  The FIRST REVERSIBLE wonder of a tote bag created by my brilliant sister-in-law, Jennie!!!

go-go wooden-bead surprise, by yours truly.

Dellynn, eat your heart out!  Thank you to all the faithful fans, bidders, watchers, linkers and word-of-mouthers.  We are so appreciative of everyone’s support for Zaza.

We’re busy this week preparing for school starting.  Larisa starts on Aug. 22 and the boys start on Sept 2, the day after Labor Day, when school is supposed to start.  Remember?  Back in the good ol’ days?  This is my first year teaching homeschool high school, so I’ve been prepping for a while so as not to feel quite so utterly inadequate.  You’d think with a teaching degree I’d have some moxie, but no.  It made me feel even more incompetent reading a recent study that showed homeschooled kids with non-certified moms do BETTER than my kids.  Great!

As I’ve been previewing the topics and objectives for History of the World 1 (HOW1) from I was elated and jubilant that my Art History class knowledge and text from college are actually going to be useful!  Dust off the expansive volume Art History by Janson.  I never thought I’d be looking in that creaky old book in this lifetime, especially to teach my kids!  If wonders never cease.  Janson has since improved the blue canvas cover of old (of mine!) to this spectacular man wearing an entire king-sized red bed sheet on his noggin.  Impressive.  Especially if you like turbans.  There, my friends, is a knot tying class in the making.

1433 Jan van Eyck – Man in a Red Turban
Oil on panel. The National Gallery, London, UK.

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5 Responses to “The New Kids on the Block”

  1. LaVonna Says:

    Don’t fret Linda, we are still figuring out the course work. Funny how we ended up with 9 or more credits for a freshman year. The “Principal” reminded me we have a second child that needs attention, too. Oh yeah…oops! Back to the drawing board.

    As far as the knots, that is a class in itself.


  2. rixgal Says:

    NINE credits!?! Holy Overload, Batman. We kept Larisa’s at 5 and might add a Spanish course from the community college next term. I just found out that a one semester class at the CC is worth a full year high school credit. Cool.

  3. The Informal Matriarch Says:

    K who’s Dellynn?? That’s the name I have picked out for my “future” daughter…I thought I had made it up.

  4. rixgal Says:

    Dellynn is your American counterpart. She is groovy. She’s a mom of boys. She cuts my hair. She’s boho to the core. She can sing and paint and decorate. AND she’s funny. Really funny. She goes to our church.

    I highly recommend this name for your daughter.

    OHHHHHHHH, her latest child is named Silas. :o) See???!!!

  5. The Informal Matriarch Says:

    Wow that’s creepy. I think she needs to read my blog too ha ha. We might be fast friends.

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