Weekend Tidbits

Last night I attended a surprise Cowgirl Birthday Round-Up for my friend, Jilly.  The night was quite a hoopla filled with brisket, beans, cowpies, costumes and line dancing.  What fun.  Wish I was a cowgirl…. O.K. not really, but we did have a blast and she was REALLY surprised.

Tonight we’re off to another birthday bash at the Diamondbacks game for Jimbob.  I’m wondering how this is going to go down, being that we are in a heat wave and the ballpark has an open ceiling…. it starts in one hour and twenty minutes and it’s 109 degrees outside.  I need to find my Canadian umbrella hat with the little fan underneath the brim.  Nerdsville FOR SURE!

As for those wondering about our adoption progress since our agency closed three weeks back, we have not decided which agency to go with yet.  We are waiting for a bit more information from two other agencies before we decide.  It’s not an easy decision as there are so many factors to consider.  Thankfully we don’t lose our place in line in Colombia…. still waiting for Zaza, our little girl.

Bags for Zaza had a record breaking week with six bags that were auctioned off for $408!  Wooo Hooo!  We are taking a posting break next week, but not a sewing break, so we’ll be back up on Sept. 1st.  www.bagsforzaza.blogspot.com.

My dear husband has purchased more articles at Home Depot for the toilet that was having issues.  Hopefully tonight we will flush freely with glee once again.  Stay tuned…. or not.  :o)

Make it a great Sunday!

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One Response to “Weekend Tidbits”

  1. Jill Says:

    Come on, now… doesn’t everyone deep down wanna be a cowgirl?? I know you do, Linda. You just don’t know it – yet.

    Thanks for the great party. If you want to do a homeschool line-dance class – I’m free to come share with the class!!

    aka Cowgirl

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