High School…. AAAAACKKKKK!

The last time Larisa put on a backpack and went to a classroom was the year 2000.  <sigh>  She has asked for a backpack several times over the past eight years since her last backpack…. the hot pink plastic number with a glittery headshot of Barbie showcased on the front.  We just laughed and said, “What for?  To take your books from your bedroom to the kitchen?”  One of the only financial savings of homeschooling.  Finally this summer she was traveling and actually needed a real live backpack (you couldn’t find Barbie???) and her father succumbed.  Whew.  We held out for eight long years.

Don’t go thinking we sent her to the lair of a public high school straight from the homeschool nest.  Nada.  She is taking a single class at a co-op of homeschoolers.  The class, Biology, comes with a lab (needed for the transcript), a real emergency room doctor teaching it, a Christ-filled textbook, and a field trip to California to study marine biology in May.  Another perk of homeschooling…. REAL field trips.  It’s not going to be a cake-walk, however.  Her first assignment was emailed to her early August with required reading and vocabulary words to know for TODAY, the first day with a TEST!  (and the homeschool mother throws her head back, holds her belly and laughs with hilarity that someone else is requiring work out of her child.)  Every homeschool mom understands.

Larisa strategically picked Biology because it was right before lunch….. SOCIALIZATION!  Ahhhhhhhh, the dream of every homeschool child.  We even got her a lunch card for the cafe.  Her first lunch card. <sigh>  Will she buy nutritional morsels?  Nada.  My guess is slushies and Cheetos.  I’m realizing just how nerdy I was way back in the day….. I remember being elated that the vending machine at school had beef barley soup!  Oh, make me drool.

My first nearly empty nest moment… if only for 2.5 hours.  Never fear, there’s still two pajama clad boys running around here asking for Swedish pancakes.  Not all is lost.

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5 Responses to “High School…. AAAAACKKKKK!”

  1. morethananelectrician Says:

    This might be a good experience…keep us posted on her adventures. Mine are much younger and we wonder about these lab issues that will come up for us.

  2. rixgal Says:

    It is definitely a GOOD experience. The labs are ridiculously expensive to do at home. Plus, the kids need to start taking notes and studying HARD and taking real tests when high school hits. I’m extremely thankful for this co-op.

  3. LaVonna Says:

    James enjoyed today. He had a shake and nachos. Not exactly what I would have ordered for him, but I’ll let it slide for today.

    The classwork…nothing short of what I would require of him. I think he will enjoy the break of mom’s academy of learning. :) Just for math and science. the long arm of the law is still active when he gets home and on Tuesday and Wednesday…hee.hee. Fridays don’t count. That is our field trip days or it could be Mom’s get-caught-up day. :)

    I’m so excited for the kids!

  4. conniewoman Says:

    well…tell Larisa that at least you didn’t make her hold up fingers to show which year in school she is in…I did it all the way through for Jess and the others…12th grade was challenging, figuring out where to get the extra fingers!

  5. LaVonna Says:


    My mom just shakes her head when she sees pictures of my daughter. I put post it notes or taped a piece of paper on her to remind me of the month. So Linda, put a posty on Larisa’s forehead next time. I’ll put it in my photo album next to Rachel. :)

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