Voting Privileges Utilized

Despite the grueling 102+ temperatures in Phoenix, new American citizen, Rick__ Crosby, braved the severe heat this afternoon to do what many Americans don’t bother doing:  Vote!  Crosby, a native Canadian, apparent by his voting apparel choice, jumped through the rigmarole of the USCIS hoops so that he would have a say in how America is being governed. 

Crosby probably did more research for this Republican Primary than most Americans have done in their entire life of voting.  He phoned the candidates… several times.  He asked tough questions about issues and government policies.  He told his wife who to vote for.  He actually read the voter guide online after his wife threw away the printed guide that came in the mail.  He personally completed the surveys on the voter guide to see which candidates lined up with his beliefs. (SOOSOSSOOOOSSS)  Look familiar?  He even figured out what the S’s and O’s stand for!

When Crosby arrived his neighboring polling station, his personal photographer was prohibited from taking pictures inside the voting area.  That didn’t stop Crosby.  He marched in, flashed his driver’s license, walked over the the flimsy, portable voting “booths” and pulled his pre-prepared sample ballot from his pocket.  It was a proud American moment.  His photographer did inform the seven members of the polling station volunteer staff that it was Crosby’s first time voting as an American.  The staff was impressed, to say the least.  When Crosby completed his official ballot and turned toward the vote counting machine, all seven volunteers, along with his personal photographer, stood and applauded his valiant display of patriotism and responsibility.

If you are an American and you didn’t exercise your personal responsibility to vote, shame on you.  Yes, that’s right…. shame.  Newly sworn-in American citizens like Crosby paid the price for this right that came free by birth to so many.  It is upstanding patriots like Rick__ Crosby who will determine who runs our country and how it is run.  If you did vote, THANK YOU!  Be proud!  Wear the red, white and blue sticker with pride.  The United States of America is the best country in the world!

(Is anyone else sensing a subliminal message here???)

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10 Responses to “Voting Privileges Utilized”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    I can’t believe he wore that t-shirt to vote. So funny. He’s kinda cute, too. You should keep him.

  2. rixgal Says:

    The plan is to keep him. :o)

  3. morethananelectrician Says:

    I try to tell people how much more important our city, county and state elections are every year, but we get so caught up in these national elections that it all seems to get lost by the side of the road.

    Change does indeed work from the bottom to he top. Good job to Rick, his personal photographer and I guess the Candian hockey team!

  4. LaVonna Says:

    Yey, for Rick. Linda, don’t forget to let him in on the early ballot voting so he doesn’t have to brave the 100+ degree heat for next time. :)

  5. rixgal Says:

    LaVonna, I did indeed tell him of early voting. He became a citizen just in time to apply, but he wanted to go to the voting station. So I carried my early ballot to the voting station and threw it in the box. I read that 40% of AZ votes early. Wow.

  6. Jill Says:

    Congratulations, Maverick. You look tall (well, kinda) proud and…… very much like Elvis. Why didn’t you wear your red one-piece suit????? Now, THAT would have left an impression.
    It looks like it was quite an outing. Can I follow along come November 4th?

  7. rixgal Says:

    Ooooh! I didn’t think of the red suit! That will be PERFECT for Nov. 4th! Rick was so excited to be able to vote in a presidential election… only the satin red Elvis jumpsuit could make it better. I’ll have to dust off the peacock necklace for him. (You could call the paper and he could get some Elvis gigs out of this!)

  8. Jill Says:

    PERFECT!!! How better to induct a Canadian into the good ‘ole USA than to wear a red satin jumpsuit laced with a peacock necklace while voting for the President of the United States. Ooooooh, I just got goosebumps. This will be front-page news for sure. Tell him to start growing out the sideburns. Actually just a bit more than they already are!! hee hee

  9. conniewoman Says:

    Elvis Lives! Hey, and I am PROUD of Rick_ for braving the heat! We are also a vote-on-the-day-of-and-go-to-the-voting-station family! And let me tell you why…we bring the WHOLE family to the voting station…we always have. Sometimes it makes it inconvenient with timing and work, but we wanted our children to see the process. How many times do you groan, “I have to go vote…”? So the kids see it as drudgery, instead of the privilege it is, particularly we women and we have three daughters. We have only been voting for less than 100 years. If you stick your ballot in the mail, make sure the kids see you do it and and that you LOVE to do it! Our voting station is close enough that we actually walk down…and as we walk, we explain how people have sacrificed for our freedoms and how we need to honor that sacrifice. We tell people all the time, “I don’t care who you vote for, just vote!” I actually DO care, but the important thing is that they are voting. And if you don’t vote, then don’t whine either! Come on, people! Stand up and be counted! VOTE!

  10. LaVonna Says:

    Would you like for me to sew him an American flag for a cape?

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