We’re not sure when it started.  We’re not sure why it started.  We’re not even sure what it means. For years our son has been signing his name Keeve-Q.  Q… why?  We don’t know.  His middle name starts with a K.  It has been his signature mark … even when his name doesn’t show up, the Q is there.  I asked him why he writes Q… he said, “Because it’s cool.”  I’m sincerely hoping he doesn’t think that Q is the first letter of the word Qool.

So why was I surprised when I saw the gigantic Q  in the lawn after Keeve mowed?  I don’t know.  Maybe the size of it?  Maybe the amount of time it would have taken him to move the mower in and out of the Q?  I don’t know.  There it was staring Q-ly at me … and even in the right direction to read it from the kitchen window.  He’s so thoughtful.

We’re trying to channel his creativity into music at present.  His piano lessons started last week and he has mastered Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.”  (The one-hand, one-note-at-a-time version.)  He is truly a gifted child.  (Typed with tongue in cheeQ.)   Q.

(Note my bougainvillea that was flung from the wall during the horrific wind storm a week back.  There is a yellow-flowered bush under there.. well, there was last week.  I need to go tie those back up but they are SOOOO pokey. Sounds like a good chore for someone named Q.)

This is what I love about motherhood.  You never know when you’ll find Q surprises waiting for you to see the spunkability hidden inside your kids.

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8 Responses to “Keeve-Q”

  1. morethananelectrician Says:

    It is like reverse “crop circles” in your own yard.

  2. rixgal Says:

    That would be Qrop Cirqles, in our case. :o)

  3. conniewoman Says:

    Soooo, one year for Jessica’s birthday, Bruce fertilized her name in the lawn. He actually had to think about it in advance and plan how long it would take for it to grow before her birthday. Men and lawns. Has Keeve seen Signs? It may creep him out…but he is not a nerd. :) By the way, Jessica’s favorite letter is Q. She had to do a whole project on it last year and even has the letter all decorated on her bulletin board. They had to choose a letter and a word that describes them that begins with that letter. Her word? Quirky. It TOTALLY describes her and it is one of her favorite words (for those of us who love words!)

  4. conniewoman Says:

    Becc wants to know what you are teaching…we are doing Botany and she thinks maybe the Q is part of your lesson…I think she wants to do it too…!

  5. rixgal Says:

    We haven’t started Konos yet, just the basics this week: math, reading, journals, Bible, grammar. Tell Becca our subjects upcoming are: Sheep & Weaving, Ancient Egypt, Elections, Bees and the Tabernacle.

    I love words too. My current favorties are numbskull and moxie. :o) I’m also fond of prolixity and hackneyed, both of which apply to my writing.

  6. conniewoman Says:

    Becc was concentrating very hard over the light switches and when I rounded the corner she was like, “mom, look how it smokes if you turn it off real slow!” scary. Becc was just wanting to know how the qrop cirqles fit in with what you were studing…i could see the wheels turning on how SHE could apply it…

  7. Jennie C. Says:

    That Q is totally amazing! Give that boy a smooshy kiss from me. I KNOW he likes my smooshy kisses.

  8. Qoral Says:

    Yes even Brad has fertilized his name into a friends lawn one summer when they asked him to take care of the massive thing for three weeks while they were on vacation. It wasn’t visible for another week so they had to put up with Brad imprinted in their back lawn for the rest of the summer. Good thing they still love him. I soo love Keeve-Q’s Quizzical Qureativeness!!

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