Wrapped up in Elvis

Remember back a few months ago when I was celebrating the end of my boys’ hockey seasons??? (https://mysistersjar.wordpress.com/2008/03/31/the-fat-lady-sang-tonight/) Well, it all started again tonight.  <sigh> There I was in my cute, little silver flip-flops and denim shorts wrapped in a purple and lime green fleece Elvis blanket in the ice arena.  (Thank God someone left it in the van!) I’m trying excruciatingly hard to have a good attitude about this.  It’s a lot of driving… a lot of time away from the family dinner table… a lot of money…. but I knew all this when I married a Canadian hockey lover.  One of his first purchases five years before we had children was a pair of size 3 flannel Edmonton Oilers pajamas…. then we had a daughter first…. so we kept the Oilers jams in a hope chest for EIGHT years until our son was born… then two more years til they fit him.  I should have caught on that there was a slight addiction problem.  I’ve named it H.A.D., Hockey Attachment Disorder.  I don’t believe there is a cure at present.  I’ve been H.A.D.

 The actual fleece!!

Back to my excruciating good attitude.  I’ve decided that I must make the best of my Wednesday night drive time (one hour total) and my sitting time (one hour total).  (This is for son #2…. I’m not counting son #1… hoping that Dad will always be available for him.  His practices require driving for 1.5 hours and sitting for 2 hours…. TWICE a week.)  Having a good attitude.  Having a good attitude.  Having a good attitude. O.K.

So tonight, sitting on a freezing cold bleacher bench, I coordinated two of my four calendars, my month-at-a-glance purse calendar and my weekly To-Do calendar with check-off boxes.  (Yes, a bit anal here, but anal people get LOTS done.)  I have not found a pre-made week-at-a-glance calendar that is compact but still has 6-7 lines per day… so each January 1st I make my own out of a Walmart notebook.  This year’s was quite fat, so I’ve used pages in the back for various lists, secret codes, etc.  One such list I happened upon tonight that I haven’t read since I made it in March.  It is the list of stories for a book I plan to write titled Squeezing Laughter into a Leotard: Devotions for Above Average Women.  It’s about weight loss and weight gain and weight loss and weight gain and weight loss and weight gain and God.  I was a bench or two away from several other hockey moms and dads, but as I read the story notes I laughed out loud twice and constrained myself several other times, so they wouldn’t think I’m completely nuts.  This was the burst of energy and kick in the pants I needed to direct my hockey time.  My laptop will now be traveling with my to the Ice Den each week.  I’m itching to get started.

Can I just say that if you have a rapid metabolism and are mortified when you’re bloated and need a size 5 …. you won’t comprehend the stories I’m writing.  You may think they are humorous, but you will NEVER understand with compassion what people who struggle with their weight deal with minute by minute.  It’s like a being married to someone with H.A.D…. you don’t understand unless you’ve walked in my skates.

Wish me luck.. better yet pray for God’s voice to speak truth to a hockey mom wrapped up in Elvis on Wednesday nights.  :o)

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10 Responses to “Wrapped up in Elvis”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    I will read that book and laugh because I haven’t been a size 5 since I was 11.

    I wish you could cut out bags at hockey. *sigh*

  2. rixgal Says:

    I was a perfect size 5 when I was FIVE! That’s when I modeled for White Stag in Jantzen Beach, Oregon.

  3. tanya Says:

    I was a hockey sister, and since we lived in a small town, almost every game and tournament was out-of-town, so I had to be toted along for the ride, so I can relate to the endless hours sitting on cold bleachers. I`m not sure if my boys will choose to do hockey as they get older, but I know that H.A.D. has reached plague-like proportions in my family. My first-born sported a Boston Bruins toque the day he was born (my husband`s favorite team), and after my mother sent a picture out to announce his birth to my Aunts and Uncles, the backlash ensued, since my cousin plays for the Maple Leafs. That Christmas, my grandmother (in what I can only assume was an attempt to keep the peace) gave us Maple Leaf pajamas, which we then had to make sure that we took a picture of our son modelling, and send on to the relatives to prove we weren`t complete traitors. I hope H.A.D. isn`t genetic, because I`ll be in big trouble.

    P.S. I must thank you for posting a pic of the Elvis fleece, I was quite curious when I read lime green and Elvis in the same sentence.

  4. rixgal Says:

    Hi Tanya. Yes, all our kids had Oilers bibs, t-shirts, sleepers, hats, etc. Now our boys actually have an Oilers Hockey bedroom…. if you can’t beat ’em, decorate with them.

  5. conniewoman Says:

    Ok…I can only remember being a size twelve…and that is when I THOUGHT I was fat…oh, to be a size 12 again…I wouldn’t EVER complain. Makes me even sicker when my kids think they are fat and are in a size ONE. or 4 or 7 depending on the kid. Trying to teach them to be conscious without being obsessed. It is SO much easier putting it on than taking it off. We are beautifully and wonderfully made. BTW, remember our troops, pray for our Nation, never forget. September 11. God Bless America and America, BLESS GOD!

  6. conniewoman Says:

    oh yeah…where did you get that SUPER COOL Elvis Blanket??? :)

  7. rixgal Says:

    OH! We got the lovely Elvis fleece blanket kit from my good friend Connie, whom I love so very much. :o) Larisa made the blanket and gave it to her daddy for Christmas last year. It’s warm and snuggly.

  8. conniewoman Says:

    What a nice friend… :) I know she must love you guys very much too! xoxo

  9. LaVonna Says:

    Long live the King and the memories of being a size 5!

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