It’s Monday! (GMT) Happy 12th, AUS!

It’s actually still Sunday night here in AZ… we’re seven hours behind the WordPress time.  So I can still say Happy Birthday to my 12 year old son, Austin.  With a name like Austin Crosby, the natural nickname here at the farm became Aus Cros Buns.  We sing it too…. to the tune Hot Cross Buns.  He LOVES it!  I’m sure.  Aus is an amazing son with a bright future… so bright, he’s already wearing shades everywhere he goes (except at the skate park.)

Twelve years ago last night, I was pain free thanks to an epidural.  Little did I know that I was giving birth to Mr. Big Brains… and the six weeks ahead would be absolutely miserable.  The doctor actually blurted out, “That is the biggest head I’ve ever seen” and had the nurse measure it three times to be sure.  Then he looked at the proud papa and put his other shoe in his mouth, “Well, YOU have a big head.”  I think he may have been sucking on the oxygen mask when we weren’t looking.

Aus was born at the stroke of midnight, (Pumpkin Head would have been an appropriate nickname, but I never thought of it ’til just now) so the hospital staff let us choose the 13th or the 14th for the birth date.  We didn’t prefer Friday the 13th, and I got to stay longer in the hospital if we picked the 14th, so voila…. it’s the 14th.  He was a whopping 9 pounds 5 ounces, but because of a mark on his cheek he was admitted to ICU.  It was quite comical.  The tiny sleepers were less than adequate for my hockey player son who’s tummy peaked out between each burdened snap. Next to the preemies, he was mammoth.  After the epidural wore off, I felt like I delivered a wooly mammoth… horns and all.  We are proud of our boy tween and look forward to many more laughs and lessons along the journey.

AAAAANNNNDDD, being Monday in England, the new Bags for Zaza are up!  (Well, they will be soon, if you’re reading this too early.)  We have no adoption news.  We are waiting impatiently.  Sewing bags, bags and more bags for the funds to bring our little Colombian daughter home.  Christmas is coming.  Shop online at

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3 Responses to “It’s Monday! (GMT) Happy 12th, AUS!”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    Sorry I made a liar out of you … so far. Bags will be up before midnight. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUS CROSS BUNS!!!! Make sure he gets a kiss on that adorable cheek from his Aunty – I know he loves my kisses! What nephew doesn’t?

  2. LaVonna Says:

    Happy Birthday Austin!

    The Stephenson’s :)

  3. Coral Says:

    I forgot he had the same birthday as me. Happy samee birthday Austin!!

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