Education Schmeducation

My parents did an exceptional job choosing our High School.  It was a Christian school at our church with about 150 kids, sports teams, cheerleaders, homecoming, lockers, elections for Student Body President, Snow Ski Club, etc.  Looking back…. it was the foundation of my association that kept me out of trouble and highly busy with school life.  I loved high school.  No offense to mom and dad, or the school, but I don’t remember a THING about science or history or geography….  I do remember English, Spanish and Math, but I liked those subjects. 

What do I have now that I gained in High School?  1. Dear friends that we still vacation with each year.  2.  Glimpses of Scripture memory that can still be recited… like the entire book of Ephesians. 

What led to this blog?  I’m preparing my kid’s unit study for the next four weeks on the Electoral Process.  O.K., I’ll admit, my newly-American-citizenized husband should be teaching this because it’s all new to me.  Sadly.  (But remember, I have vast amounts of Ephesians memorized.)  I think this is why I enjoy teaching my kids at home.  I’m learning so much. 

Tomorrow is wool dying day.  Come back for pictures of stained hands and clothes.  Same bat time.  Same bat channel.

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3 Responses to “Education Schmeducation”

  1. Jennie C Says:

    I just registered to vote in the U.S. election — woohoo!

  2. LaVonna Says:

    That’s okay Linda. I think I slept through all geography classes in high school. That is why I send the kids to Richard for geo questions. :)

    Rachel loves Ephesians.

    You are a great mom.

  3. conniewoman Says:

    Hey, I had the same teacher you did for Bible (I mean, US History). We all knew how to distract him from actually teaching us (just ask a deep philosophical Bible question). And we all know the prejudice he showed towards athletes and girls (so, hello, girl athletes had a REAL problem). At the time, I HATED US History and didn’t see what the big deal was (Although I loved World History, but Twining taught it…with his buzzer seat game!). Funny to think now, that I have most of the whole US History Section of the Library of our High School in my personal Library at home. Funny, I don’t think your name is on any of the check out cards :). I now LOVE US History and think more people would if they understood how COOL it is! It is all about the approach and the teacher. Your kids will LOVE US History as well. I know mine do and even my daughter, Chelsea, who thought Connor was a nerd last year for actually getting excited about watching the History Channel, showed her knowledge in Anatomy class of who is actually on the Samuel Adams Beer Bottle, by watching the History Channel. She got to experience the joy of actually knowing something the other kids didn’t and impressing the teacher. THAT is a trick for having the desire to learn! Confidence builder…

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