Oh Boy! The Election is Over!


A sad and disappointing evening on Election Night 2008 for the millions of people who supported Senator McCain.  We had church tonight and I was teaching a first and second grade girl’s class…. but I must admit I was a tad distracted by world events.  We jumped in the van after church just in time to hear Senator McCain’s concession speech, and a darn good and gracious speech it was.  Made me proud all over again that we supported him.

We zoomed to my parent’s home to watch President-Elect Obama make his victory speech.  (No, we don’t have TV…. but maybe now a RICH person will pay for cable for all of us who don’t have it…… that was total tongue-in-cheek…..)  I was a little surprised that he wasn’t all smiles.  Maybe he already realizes that he’s in WAY over his head!  His family sure looked beautiful.  I’m honestly thrilled that Americans voted in a black president…. seems we’re almost over the color deal….  BUT why couldn’t it have been a godly black man?  Or at least one with some history.  Anything!  Maybe even with a name like Joseph Watson…. or Bob Smith…. or Ray Grant.  (I’m obviously not over the Muslim deal.)

When tucking in my 9 year old son, he showed me his McCain/Palin sign over his bed and asked what he should do with it now.  Sadly, he rolled it up and put it in the trash.  He seemed agitated so I asked what was bothering him.  He honestly replied, “I’m just worried about taxes.”  Believe it or not, I held in the laughter.  I reminded him that he’s NINE and he probably didn’t need to worry about taxes quite yet. 

I reassured my children (and myself) that God is still on the throne.  God was not surprised tonight, like we were.  He will still pour out his blessings on His children.  Evangelism will continue.  The Holy Spirit will still move.  People will still find Jesus!  All is not lost.

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12 Responses to “Oh Boy! The Election is Over!”

  1. LaVonna Says:

    Amen to that!

  2. aswewalk Says:

    Oh, that sad, sad boy. He looks like my hubby did (teehee).

    I find my job at this point in time is to remind my children not to put their trust in men, but in God. I even remind them that we shouldn’t put our trust in honorable men, like Sen. McCain.

    I agree his concession speech was true and real, full of the grace and honor that comes from deep within. I’m just sorry it was a concession and not an acceptance speech.

  3. Jill Says:

    I know God is still on the throne. But I’m still feeling really bummed today. Just let me have this day. The girls and I are going out to lunch today – maybe even splurging for shakes too!

    God gave us the victory of Proposition 102 yesterday! Hurray!!!!

  4. Jennie C Says:

    I think your boy needs to replace that picture of McCain with a picture of Obama – as a reminder to pray for the leader of his country.

    I know a lot of Christian’s are concerned with yesterday’s results. I hope they turn their concern into prayer, rather than judgement or fear.

  5. aswewalk Says:

    I’ve added you to my blogroll. Hope you don’t mind.

  6. morethananelectrician Says:

    I think most of us will survive this period because we do not draw our strength from the Government, but from God himself.

    My theory is that are “people” throughout history have had it worse that we will for the next few years. We will survive.

    Let those in the government know we are still here and that we are defined by more than one issue.

  7. Jennie C Says:

    P.S. Barack Obama’s name is not Muslim – it’s likely of mixed Swahili/Arabic/Hebrew origins. Just like my name isn’t Christian – it’s Cornish/Scottish.

  8. rixgal Says:

    Thanks, Jennie, for that little religious/heritage lesson. Unfortunately, the name Barack Hussien Obama is Muslim in my head…. it’s just too dang close to Osama bin Laden…….especially when you through in Biden…. my goodness.

    Deb, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Your kids are adorable!

    MTAE, yes, we studied the English line of kings and queens, and we certainly have it better than when they were killing each other to take over their country. :o) And we’re not being forced to build gargantuan pyramids either.

    I told the kids today (who asked if we can move back to Canada) THIS is still the BEST country in the WORLD!

  9. The Informal Matriarch Says:

    This isn’t about who I thought should have won the election but I have to say that a name is a name. His mommy chose that for him. As for a name having anything to do with someone being a leader of a country…it makes no difference. I’m sure there’s some pretty evil Leah’s in the world too.

  10. conniewoman Says:

    I told my kids…if John McCain would have won, we would have prayed for him. Now that Mr. Obama has won, we just need to pray harder. And we will still pray for McCain and quite frankly, President Bush as well. I can’t say I am completely happy with all he has done this term, BUT he still has integrity and I like the fact that he shoots from the hip and is honest. I try to put myself in his shoes…give up your entire privacy FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and sacrifice the reputations (in the biased liberal media with made up and blown out of proportion stories) of your family and yourself, know that somebody is always thinking of killing you, get up early, stay up late, age twice as fast, work your butt off, know that you are doing your absolute best, knowing that you cannot always explain your actions (which would KILL me) because of National Security issues and then have people bad-mouth you and show up at your house to sneer and jeer when the other party wins. I am going to pray for President Bush for the rest of my life. I think we are going to write him a thank you card for all that he has done…made America safer and has been faithful to his wife and has acted with integrity and can leave office with his head held high that he was an honorable man of God.

  11. rixgal Says:

    Well said, Connie. And the thank you card is a GREAT idea. I won’t tell the kids you thought of it. :o)

  12. jilly Says:

    i second jennie c’s comment.

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