What do Homeschooling Mothers Do ALL Day?


They shred old dust-ruffles so their children can mummify Barbie.  What do you think we do all day???  I have a few words of advice for future dust-ruffle shredding moms:  #1.  Don’t wear black.  It looked like I dusted a haunted house with my front side when I was done.  #2.  Wear a face mask.  Seriously.  I just finished reading a novel about girls who were getting sick working in the cotton mills…. NOW I understand.  I’ve blown my nose 27 times since the shredding.  #3.  You only need the frill of a single size dust ruffle to mummify at least 8 Barbies.  I did a queen size ruffle and we did 6 Barbies…. I have enough left over to do 12 more.  See?  This is such helpful information for future moms of mummifiers.

Why all the mummies when Halloween is over?  You ask.  We are studying Ancient Egypt.  The younger kids are doing the same topic as the high schoolers right now and we will be culminating the unit with Egyptian Night.  You know, phun, phood and pharaohs.  There will be an embalming demonstration with live volunteers from the audience, costumes, reports and of course, ancient Egyptian food.  (Not surprisingly, Katie “found” an Egyptian chocolate cake…… hhmmmmmm.)

Here is a photo of Keeve practicing the mummification process.  He figured out that Barbie wouldn’t fit in her sarcophagus without a haircut first.  That was yesterday.  Today six homeschooled children were given permission to cut off Barbie’s hair.  You should’ve seen the smiles!  Then they dipped the strips of cloth in papier mache so everything would dry in place.  What a mess, but it was fun.


The boys were with me in Goodwill when I purchased the dolls.  They asked what I was up to.  I said real loudly, “These Barbies are for YOU!  Which one do you want?  I’m not joking!  Come over here and pick your Barbie.”  They looked from me to each other and back to me and then ran toward electronics.  :o)

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10 Responses to “What do Homeschooling Mothers Do ALL Day?”

  1. LaVonna Says:

    Okay, James and I got a good laugh out of the Barbie thing at Goodwill. I do chuckle at times, inside of course, when people ask what homeschool moms do all day. We sit around with other homeschool moms and hit the gym, meet at Starbucks, and chit-chat…with our children of course. We call that PE, snack time, and foreign language class…hee.hee.

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    Did you poke holes in Barbie and fill her with herbs and embalming fluid?

  3. rixgal Says:

    No, we didn’t remove the brains with a hook either… Barbie was empty when we started and stayed that way.

  4. conniewoman Says:

    Hey, was that Rick’s great deal table in the background of Keeve’s barbie? And I say you at least go through the motions of ripping the brains out through the nose…I mean, come on! That’s half the fun! If you’re gonna play with barbies, you at least get to rip out the brains…or pretend to, since Barbie has no brains…in theory of course…

  5. conniewoman Says:

    of course, if I was teaching proper Englich, I would have said, “doesn’t have any brains”, but it is after eight and my hick is coming out…and we are getting close to Thanksgivin’…Bruce laughs when I relax my English

  6. conniewoman Says:

    Oh, yeah…and don’t forget when you run errands (after the English, Bible reading and Math have already been done, then errands and then Science and History) and the people in the store inevitably ask the kids “no school today?” They say they are homeschooled and I tell them we are studying Economics…while my kids are bagging the groceries.

  7. Kristen Benson Says:

    But the sucking out the brains with the hook through the nose is the best part!!! We are studying Ancient Egypt this year too. We have a lot more with it than I ever remember it being when I was in school.

  8. rixgal Says:

    I don’t even remember studying Egypt in school!!!! I do remember a field trip to the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose, but what grade was I in? Who knows!

  9. conniewoman Says:

    9th grade…during world history with Twining?

  10. rixgal Says:

    I actually never had Mr. Twining for a teacher. I’m not sure how that happened…. I only had Mr. Cirelli for history.

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