Keeve is TEN! (double digits!)


A very Happy Birthday to my boy Keeve.  He is the youngest in our family until Zaza gets here.  As most parents with multiple children know, EVERY kid is so different from his siblings.  No exception here… at all. 

Keeve has various aliases used on the computer and on his grammar sheets.  Hey, when you’re homeschooled, your mom knows your hand writing, so you can make up a new name every day.  :o)  He is called DigDog, Q, and Fever on the computer.  Here is the name list from his school sheets: Fire, Kiss the Cook, Bob, Fred, Space Man, W, Crosby #5, Sleepy, Slow Poke, Ferrari, Cool Dude, Mario and today was Birthday Boy!  It makes me smile every time I read a new name.

Keeve is our relaxed child. Take’er easy.  Chillax.  Go with the flow.  But lately a new, livelier personality has emerged.  He’s not taking a beating from his older brother any longer.  One or two purposefully planned retaliations, and he’s holding his own now.  Keeve has soaked in the prophecy from the pediatrician that he will be 3 maybe 4 inches taller than his older brother.  He asks frequently, “How much more than Austin do you think I will weigh when I’m taller than him?”  What do you say to that?  WAY more, honey, WAY more.

He has also started answering my questions, which is not good.  I don’t ask questions to be answered.  I ask questions to make the kids feel like they have a choice in doing what I say… but they really don’t. He’s the only one who caught on to this.  “Would you like to empty the dishwasher now, or after you eat?” I ask.  “I don’t like to empty the dishwasher,” comes a sweet voice with a naughty smile on his freckled face.  I’ve had to rephrase things for him…. “It’s now you’re turn to empty the dishwasher.  NOW means NOW,” said in a sweet voice to my boy with a knowing smile on my face.

Keeve is our most compassionate child.  He prays for those who don’t have homes to get one, and for those who are sick to be healed.  It’s truly heart warming.  He gathers up hockey cards and sticks of gum and mails them to his friends and cousins.  He always licks the envelopes before I see what is inside, but I know he writes letters and includes them too.

So, Happy Birthday to my boy!  What a strong and brave son you are… and double digits too!

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2 Responses to “Keeve is TEN! (double digits!)”

  1. conniewoman Says:

    at least he is licking the envelopes and not the gum…at least that is what we are hoping. Happy Birthday Keeve, from one of your penpals mothers! three more weeks and Connor will be in the Double Digits too!

  2. LaVonna Says:

    Happy Birthday Keeve!!!

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