Third Year in a Row…. Bummer

I was contemplating our Christmas correspondence this year and came to the sad realization that this will be letter number THREE with news of Zaza’s adoption… and no picture.  Good grief.  Well, it does bring us closer to 2009’s letter… with Zaza’s smiling face.  At least I pray it will be so.

There are three or four Christian artists who have written Christmas songs about adoptions and/or orphans.  I can barely hold myself together when they come on the radio.  Last year, alone in the van one night, Steven Curtis Chapman’s song All I Really Want for Christmas (see it here: ) came on and I had to pull over as the road blurred from my tears.  Why, oh, why does adoption have to take so long?

Another great song is Everything to Me by Mark Schultz.  If you haven’t heard it, grab the kleenex box and listen to Mark tell the story of writing it FIRST (here: ) then listen to the heartfelt words of the song.  It’s so cool!

If you enjoy watching adoption “Gotcha Days” as much as I do, here is the Hallmark link to their adoption TV clips:  My kids always laugh at me when I sit and cry at the computer and watch these over and over.  But they do pull up chairs and watch too.  It’s just such an awesome thing to witness the joining of a child with their forever family.  How can anyone watch these and not be moved?

Goodness, I need kleenex just from typing the links.  Zaza, hurry home.

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2 Responses to “Third Year in a Row…. Bummer”

  1. LaVonna Says:

    She’ll be home soon. Chin up. :)

  2. Dayna Kuenstler Says:

    I’m praying for you and your family this Christmas, Linda. I pray Godspeed for Zaza’s homecoming. May God bless your family this holiday season. Oh, and thanks so much for the Christmas Organizer post. I bought the e-book and look forward to having an organized Christmas!

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