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In my highly organized Holiday Planner (that I finally opened today….) I came across a list of stocking stuffer ideas  that I thought I would share.  Nothing on the list is over $10 and some of these are such creative ideas!  It makes me want to skip gifts and just stuff stockings.  Huge stockings!  So, to aid you in your stocking stuffer buying ideas, here you go, with complimentary comments from yours truly:

1. Chocolate (Bring it on!)

2. Mandarin oranges or exotic fruit such as star fruit (This would be a for sure eye-roll from my kids.)

3.  Lipstick (Hot pink or Bright red!)

4.  Mittens or gloves (leather ones are great for the hockey rink)

5.  Personalized coffee mug or tea cup (or a Christmas mug, or a funny any-time-of-the-year mug)

6.  Tire Gauge (OK, I’m going to get this one for Rick.  He never has one when needed… and he’s too busy right now to read my blog…)

7.  Small Picture Frames (I did this last year in silver with baby pictures of the kids at Christmas time…. ahhhh)


8.  Silly Putty (Don’t wash your sheets with Silly Putty in them… a word from experience)

9.  Baseball, golf ball, rubber ball, tennis ball (or gumball)

10.  Night Light (for the travel case… a necessity!)

11.  Christmas Ornament (duh!)

12.  Unique kitchen gadget like an egg slicer, grapefruit spoon, garlic press, etc. (or wooden spoons without stains or burn marks)

13.  Deck of Cards (do they make hockey team playing cards?)

14.  Hair Accessories (like a magnifying glass!)

15.  Book or Magazine (I just saw these darling little books shaped like toilet seats…. with short games for potty time… how thoughtful.)

16.  Magnifying Glass  (see #14)

17.  Gum or penny candy (find the kind that you ate as a kid… pop rocks, pixie stix)

18.  Stamp pad and stamps (these are in the clearance bin at Michaels!)

19.  Batteries (THAT is practical!  We should get the 24 packs of AA from Costco for $11 for each kid!  Keep ’em out of our closet for a few months!)

20.  Journal or diary (This is how my book started!)

21.  Modeling clay (Fimo is awesome!)

22.  Yo-yo (with safety glasses)

23.   Toque or scarf (that’s a knit ski hat… for those who don’t speak Canadian)

24.  Wallet (with money in it or a Starbucks card!)

25.  Business card holder (the portable kind… who has a desk these days?)

26.  Candles (Don’t forget matches)

27.  Long Matches for the Bar-B-Que (or candles from #26)

28.  Slinky (like friends who are only good for bringing a smile to your face… when you push them down the stairs.)(I’m joking, mom!)

29.  Nail Polish (clear is so practical…. but hot pink is so fun!)

stocking30.  Toothbrush (A tradition in this house… with toothpaste)

31.  Hot Chocolate Packets (with candy canes to stir with)

32.  Note Cards (Another tradition… thank you cards!)

33.  Bath beads, bubble bath or scented soap (Dollar Store!)

34.  A copy of their favorite recipe (with some of the ingredients)

35.  Keychain (with a cute little plastic Gumby or Pokey…)

36.  The hottest hot sauce you can find (for adults only….)

37.  Fishing lures (I hear you can make jewelry out of these.)

38.  Glasses Case (for those over 42)

39.  Coloring book (and crayons… duh!)

40.  Coasters (another practical gift…)

41.  Mouse Pad (these come in all shapes and pictures… makes me want to get a new one)

42.  Craft Supplies (paints, brushes, wooden cut-outs, embroidery thread, beads, kits, etc.)

43.  Snow Globe (they have them with scorpions in our Walmart!  How festive!)

44.  Christmas theme costume jewelry (OK, this makes me laugh!  The bigger the better!)

45.  A tool (hammer, screw driver, pliers, etc….. this is great for moms and boys!)

46.  Harmonica (because we don’t have enough hillbillies in the family already)

47.  Sewing, knitting, woodworking, needlework patterns (I LOVE this idea!)

48.  Calculator (can you ever have enough of these?)

49.  iTunes Gift Cards (these are on all three kids’ lists this year!)

50.  Fingernail clippers, files, lotion (I added this one as I noticed my hands……)

There you go.  You’re welcome.  Feel free to add your own creative ideas in the comments section.  :o)

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9 Responses to “Stocking Stuffers”

  1. morethananelectrician Says:

    I always find a way to link something in the stocking to a gift they are going to get later…but not make it obvious.

  2. rixgal Says:

    MTAE, It’s like you’re too good with all this husband stuff. What is up? Is there another husband on earth who links the stocking gifts with the tree gifts??? I think not. If my hubby were to do this, it would be the belt to the bath robe, or the plug for the CD player, or the shoe laces from the new Reeboks….. sigh.

  3. conniewoman Says:

    OK, concerning the Starbuck’s Cards…we were in Costco yesterday and they have 5 $20 Starbuck’s cards with holders…for $79.99. That’s like buy four get one free! It is a NO BRAINER! And my boy has TWO Harmonicas, but then again, I have been accused of being a hillbilly on more than one occasion. Another good personal idea, you can get address labels with a photo on them. We did them for one of our daughters for her thank you cards for graduating from High School…she loved them!

  4. Amy Sisson Says:

    I liked the idea of paired or linked gifts too. The only ones I’ve thought of myself so far as a latch hook tool in the stocking for a girl (maybe aged 9-13) and then a latch hook kit as a wrapped gift, and some finger puppets for smaller children in the stocking and then some kind of little stage (from a shoebox, or I guess really crafty people could get fancy with wood) as a wrapped gift.

    I guess for a spouse, if they didn’t already have an iPod one could put an iTunes gift card in the stocking and have the iPod wrapped elsewhere.

    Thanks for the list! I always like seeing other people’s stocking ideas!

  5. Amy's Stocking Stuffers Says:

    Oops, I posted that comment under my wrong ID. This one links to my stocking stuffer blog, if you’re interested. In any case, Happy Holidays!

  6. Recovering Procrastinator Says:

    Fabulous list. I like the kitchen utensil and fishing lure ideas, and we are ALWAYS looking for batteries around here.

    More ideas for kids: playdoh, bubbles, Little People (you can get a tube with three people)

    More ideas for adults: chapstick, postage stamps, perfume/cologne, USB flash drive, cookie cutters

  7. Towel Rails Says:

    we both have those traditional picture frames and digital picture frames at home. both are great for displaying family pictures ,*’

  8. Maybelle Says:

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