On the Second Day of Christmas

What could be better than chocolate TURTLES and DOVE bars?  I can’t imagine anything better either.  In the Bob and Doug McKenzie-warped-Canadian version of the 12 Days song, on day number two Mr. Truelove brings two turtlenecks, which is really quite feasible and practical in the Great White North.


Without donning a turtleneck today, I braved the bitter 68* and hit JC Penney for a hot-commodity Christmas gift for a child of mine.  The special ended at 1:00 p.m.  I hit the parking lot running at 12:45.  I didn’t want to scan the store on my own, so I parked by customer service and went straight and asked where the gold was located.  With a phone call and a three-way conversation on walkie-talkies, I was sent to THE RED BOX for the desired item.  THE RED BOX is an area in JC Penney near the mall entrance that was wrapped in red paper before all the merchandise was put on the shelves.  The red walls made me want to buy.  Not really, but I’m sure that’s what corporate office hoped for. 

I grabbed said gift and immediately got in line…. 12:54.  With only one lady in front of me and four tellers serving the line, I was assured of my pre-1:00 p.m. success.  As lady #1 moved to a till, my cell phone rang.  NO ONE was going to interrupt my RED BOX deal…. well, unless it was my husband, which it was. 

Seems he locked his keys in his car and was currently stranded by said locked car with three youngsters in his watchful care.  He didn’t seem concerned of my whereabouts.  At all.  “HI!  I locked my keys in the car at Walgreens.  Can you please drive up here right now?”  Walgreens is 5 miles north of our house.  If I was at home, it would’ve been an 8 minute trip.  I was not at home.  I was in the RED BOX line with now four minutes to spare to purchase my 60% off desired item at JC Penney which is 18.56 miles southeast of our home.  Sweet Jesus, Cashier #3 was waving me over… 12:57. “I’m at PV Mall,” was all I said.  Then I hung up.  It was a rational decision on my part.  I could do nothing to aid my key-less husband at the moment and my pre-1:00 purchase pre-empted his situation.

Christmas shopping really brings out the best in people.  Thinking of others.  Saving money.  Holiday cheer.  Love for all mankind.  I was back in the van by 1:04 p.m. with my prized box and Rick was safely home when I arrived.  Another successful day of Christmas shopping and all is well.

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5 Responses to “On the Second Day of Christmas”

  1. Jill Says:

    Oh my goodness. You had me on baited breath – I thought you were going to say that you left to save the husband and left the special gift behind. Whew…. way to go, girlfriend!!

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    I’m with Jill. You did the right thing. I might have hung the phone up a bit tersely on Terry this weekend, too. Maybe. He was also Christmas shopping.

  3. Grumps Says:

    Now wait one cotton-pickin minute. I’m going to have to speak up for the male side of the population. You gals are ganging up on your hubbies and their minor faults. I hope Santa Claus is monitoring web blogs and adjusts your Christmas goodies accordingly.

  4. rixgal Says:

    Grumps, you make me laugh. We HAVE to keep writing about our husbands. Laughter was created as a coping mechanism for marriage. It has worked wonders on at least three keys-locked-in-the-car experiences (only ONE was my fault!)

  5. Jamie Says:

    Hey, just fyi… when you lock your keys in the car, IF you have a keyless entry…. Have your husband, or whoever else has a keyless entry faub to your car and have them point the button at their cell phone on one end, while you point your cell phone to your locks on your end… when they hit the button, your car should unlock… we have tried this and it has worked on several occasions. I can already see all of you trying this, but I promise we have done it and it works.

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