Adoption Progress


Another Colombian darling.

For those who might wonder what’s going on with our adoption, I’ve put together a time line of our adoption process to this point.  People frequently ask us, “What’s happening with Zaza?”  And our answer is…. “we’re waiting.”  It’s not comforting to be reminded of how long it’s been, but it is reassuring to know people care and are praying… and with each day, we’re one day closer to Zaza being home.  Here’s the whole shabang:

Nov. 2006   Started looking at agencies

Feb. 12, 2007   Sent Application to Commonwealth

Jun. 14   Homestudy completed

May 9   I-600A Application sent

July   Psychological Testing and Report
Aug. 29   Received I-171H
Oct. 20   Dossier sent to Colombia
Feb. 7, 2008   Approved by ICBF in Colombia (Yippy!)
Jun. 14   Update USCIS fingerprints
Aug. 5   Commonwealth Adoptions Int’l Closed
Sep. 25   Signed with Gladney Center for Adoptions
Nov. 8   Update and Addendum to Homestudy 

The February approval started our official wait time.  We’ve heard the wait is between 4 and 30 months.  We just passed month 10.


The Addendum was done to fulfill updating requirements, but also to increase the age of the child we requested from 3-5 years (which means she’ll be between 36 and 60 months old when we get her) to 3-7 years (meaning 36 to 84 months.)  Somehow, two years ago when this all started, we didn’t take into consideration that our three children who are here would also be increasing in age….. duh!  So we increased the age, thinking this could possibly speed up the process as well.  However, we are confident that the Lord has Zaza picked out and she’ll be exactly who and what our family needs.

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5 Responses to “Adoption Progress”

  1. morethananelectrician Says:

    You are a very determined and patient family.

    We are involved with a ton of homeschool families in our state and they definitely have an issue with homeschooling adopted children…it is not allowed. How is your state with that?

  2. rixgal Says:

    Wow! That is interesting and sad. AZ is one of the easiest states to homeschool in with minimal regulations… the way we like it. Yes, it is fine to homeschool adopted kids here and we included our intentions in our homestudy as well. Many homeschooling families here have adopted kids that they school themselves. I didn’t realize that was an issue elsewhere. The ol’ head in the sand thing again.

  3. LaVonna Says:

    That is so sad, MTAE. Gosh, will need to pray to soften hearts in your area. God has blessed AZ with relaxed laws compared to other states in the US.

    Linda, we can’t wait for Zaza to be home soon. Rachel can’t wait to see her and play with her in person and not in just her mind. :) We can dress them the same since James would not wear pink or a dress to match Rachel. :)

  4. Kelly Says:

    Nice to hear about someone else’s journey. I know several people that have adopted, but no one from Colombia. Since you all are ahead of us in the process it will be nice to see how your time line goes, to give us an idea of our time line. We will be praying for your family, including Zaza. :o)

  5. rixgal Says:

    Thanks, Kelly. We’ll be praying for GG too. :o)

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