Pre-Computer Life…

OK, how in the wide world did we survive before computers????  (Mine are still down…. grrrrr.)   Seems our hard drive gave up the ghost.  I couldn’t renew library books or movies…. and the movies are $2 per DAY for each day late.  We had eight of them….. that’s $16 per day, for those who are mathily challenged.  Thankfully I was on top of that one!  Then, glory be, there were F-I-V-E inserts full of $365 worth of coupons in today’s paper…. but can I label them without my Coupon Sense site???? NO!  And where are eggs on sale?  Rick bought me a dozen, but accidentally threw them on the floor in front of the fridge instead of putting them in the fridge.  I’m so lost without my electronic friends.

Anyway, we are still breathing and surviving without internet access.  Hey, wait!  Doesn’t the PSP go online???  I could at least find information…  I’m off to steal my son’s PSP.  No more Madden ’08.  It’s Coupon Sense, baby.

Aaaaand,  along with the majority of North American citizens… Rick and I started an “eat healthier” plan on Jan. 1st.  Well, I did, anyway.  He joined, by his own will power, on Jan. 3rd at 8:00 a.m., albeit half-hearted. I think he went off the plan on Jan. 3rd at 4:30 p.m., but the jury is still out on that one.  He started again this morning… and was off by 1:30 p.m.  He ate some pasta with cheese sauce that was not on the plan…. he told me the pasta looked like chicken.  See what I’m dealing with here?  A blind man.  We did consume some all-beef dogs without the buns, but Rick had to keep his bun on his plate to make it appear that there was more food at his disposal.  I think I’m a nervous, emotional eater.  He’s definitely a visual eater.  We distracted him and removed it eventually…. so it wouldn’t start looking like chicken.  Keeve, our 10 year old, confiscated the bun and put a churro inside.  (Those are deep-fried dough sticks covered with cinnamon and sugar.)  The first ever churro dog.  (Disgusting.)


So, YOU, my dear readers are my new accountability group.  I’ll post my weekly losses here for you all to analyze and scrutinize and envy.  The first week’s always a good one with bloated water loss…. please stand by for my Thursday posts.  Intimate details will be posted for the entire universe to view at their discretion.  Pray!

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12 Responses to “Pre-Computer Life…”

  1. morethananelectrician Says:

    Coupon Sense on a PSP…how funny.

  2. Jill Says:

    Does that mean no chocolate-pistachio bundt cake for your birthday this year? I’ll look up some low-fat recipes……. I’m here for ya! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

  3. Grumps Says:

    What was a churro doing inside the doors of your house?

  4. Jill Says:

    Ahhhhh!! Good eye, Grumps. No deep fried dough should step inside the Crosby house in ’09!

  5. Linda on Rob's computer Says:

    Fear Not! The churro was in Costco. I don’t think a churro has ever been found in this household. Ever.

  6. Grumps Says:

    Churros! Love churros! That was a treat if we went to Olvera Street down town Los Angeles.
    I have lost over 70 pounds which was over a period of time – about 8 to 10 years ago and what is important is keeping the weight off. If I gain a bit now and then, I get busy and lose those unwanted pounds and not let them pile up as in previous years. Easy? NO! Also, I -and Stan, went to exercise three times a week. Eventually, exercise gets to be a priority. After moving to the Northwest, we have continued at the YMCA – but have to get started again following the holidays. You can do it Linda. I learned little tricks to cut those calories. Again – it is not easy but not impossible. Good luck! Gram
    Good luck to Rick too. Gram

  7. Grumps Says:

    Jill, do you agree with me more? The plate the above shown churros are on does not look like plates in Costco, unless Arizona Costcos use something besides paper plates. Does the Crosby household have white dinner plates?

  8. Jill Says:

    Yeeeeessss……..! I believe I have seen that exact plate at the Crosby residence in the past. In fact I believe it was displaying her infamous Krickle Krackle Krunchy Kracker treats. Uh huh. Now, you know…. it could be a complete coincidence. Costco could have had like an anniversary celebration or something to where they broke out the best dishes for their loyal customers. Especially the famous ones like Author Linda Crosby. Stranger things have happened. I say we give her the benefit of the doubt. Whatcha say, Grams?

  9. Grumps Says:

    Jill – yes we will give Linda the benefit of the doubt.

    Trouble is brewing in this northwest household. Gotta have a churro – for old times sake.

  10. Linda on Rob's computer Says:

    Relax. I only have blue dishes.

    AND the krickle krackle was served on tasteful white styrofoam plates…. not the flimsy paper plates of Costco.

    Look, Jill, the food network is on…. go grab a pencil and paper….

  11. Jill Says:

    Can’t get rid of me that easy.

  12. conniewoman Says:

    I think you should get Ricky Magnifying Glasses to wear while he eats…I know Larisa had a pair…with a black wig…then his food will look WAY bigger…

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