My Accountability Group Meeting #1

Well, I survived a week without sugar and white flour and dairy.  (No Frosted Flakes here, baby.)  And the total weight lost so far for 2009 is….. (drum roll please)…..  6.4 lbs.  Wooo HOoooo!

I woke up today with one thing on my to do list….. see a free movie…. and the day turned into so much more than I hoped for or dreamed of… bad and good.  I’ll keep you on pins and noodles until tomorrow.  I must go to bed.

OH!  And I have both computers back and WORKING!!!!  (Barnabas, I love you, man. Namaste!)

2 Responses to “My Accountability Group Meeting #1”

  1. Grumps Says:

    Three great big HIP-HIP-HOORAYS for you. Keep it up.

  2. morethananelectrician Says:

    I am sure it is nice to be connected again…that change for us would be nearly unbearable.

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