The BAGS are BACK!


After of month vacation from the sewing machines, the Bags for Zaza seamstresses are back in action whipping up designer delights for your viewing, bidding and wearing pleasure!  Just a little reminder, the bags are eco-friendly, made from donations or purchases from second-hand stores.  It’s truly remarkable the treasures that can be made from pre-loved fabrics.  Each bag is unique and original.  There will never be another exactly like it.  So if you like something you see, bid now, or you’ll miss out.


Bags for Zaza is an adoption fundraiser started by my sister-in-law, Jennie.  Her and her husband are also in the process of adopting three children that have been in their family for over 7 years (I think!).  We are adopting a little girl from Colombia and Jennie had it on her heart to start some kind of fundraiser to help with our international adoption expenses.  It has truly been a blessing to all involved!  Bags for Zaza has raised over $4500 and is still sewing!  About 96% of the money raised is for Zaza’s adoption; the remainder is spent on thread and sewing needles.

We are in month number 12 of waiting for our referral call.  Over the Christmas holidays, we updated our homestudy raising the age of the child from 3-4 years to 3-6 years.  We never considered that our children would also be growing older as we waited!  Duh!  We’re hoping this speeds up our waiting time.

2009 is Zaza’s year to come home!

Become a part of adoption, bid on a bag:

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