Listen to the Radio on Friday!

Hey, I’ve hit the airways!  I’m being interviewed on the radio station KFNX  1100 am here in Phoenix on Friday, Jan. 16th from 3:15 to 3:30!  Whooooo Hooooo!  You can also go to and listen live.  The interview is to plug my book, Laughing in the Midst of Mothering, as well as my speaking gigs.  Any suggestions on things I should definitely mention???  I’m wide open to suggestions!

And thankfully, this is NOT a call-in show where all of my trying-to-be-hilarious friends can phone KFNX and give me a hard time.  Sorry, Jill.  Listening only.  Thank God!

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5 Responses to “Listen to the Radio on Friday!”

  1. Jill Says:

    I suggest you definitely mention ME.

  2. rixgal Says:

    I’m all over that suggestion. I just need to work it into my questions….

  3. Kelly Says:

    Our dog is a “pound” terrier. :o) We really have no idea what he is, but he is a little crazy–that’s for sure :o) We got him at the pound 4 years ago. My oldest said “he looks the most like he wants to come home with us.” The nice lady at the pound tried to warn me that he was a hyper dog, but I couldn’t say no to such a sweet request.

  4. rixgal Says:

    Kelly, your dog must be a rat terrier. His coloring on his face is almost identical to our dog’s and the hyperness fits too. Seems I only have one picture of Trixie on this blog. It’s not the best, as her face is half covered, but have a looksie:

  5. rixgal Says:

    Kelly,. OK, I just looked at your dog again…. I forgot about Trixie’s white stripe on her forehead… but the black and brown are the same… with the white body… OK, ok, I’ll blog about the dog.. with good pictures.

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