Happy 12th Anniversary to Our Family!


Yep, 12 long years ago today we traded Alberta snow for Arizona sunshine.  We’ve been in the states for 12 years….most of our kids’ lives.  Larisa was 3 years old when we moved south and Austin was 4 months old.  I remember the single-parent plane trip like it was yesterday.  We arrived at Edmonton International in -20 flurries, parkas, Sorels, mitts, scarves and snowsuits.  After entering the airport, we stripped down to everyday clothing and light jackets.  Rick stuffed all the snow gear in a large Hefty bag and took it back to the car.  Whew… that was the LAST time I bundled an infant… Hallelujah!

Rick was driving down with a U-Haul and I was flying down with the kids…. both of which were WIDE awake for 3.75 hours of the 4 hour flight.  They were spun tightly and were a little much for me to handle.  However, when deplaning occured, I couldn’t wake either of them and couldn’t carry both.  Obviously, this was back in the day, because they let my dad on the plane to grab one of the slumbering angels.  I was never so happy to see my Daddy!

We arrived to sunny skies… and I knew I was home.  Rick told me that we would “try-out” Arizona for three years and then he’d let me know if we were staying.  Well, I think he forgot about the three year timeframe, because we never talked about it since.  My big Canadian (who gained US citizenship in 2008.) does miss the snow, the Northern Lights and the reasonably priced hockey.  I’m good here, thankyouverymuch.  And hey, the Oilers come and visit two or three times a year.  What more could we ask for????

On the map above, we lived in and near High Level (WAY at the top) for 3 years and then by Edmonton for 3 years.  Soooo glad to be in the Valley of the Sun.  Sooooo glad!  Let me tell you how glad I am!  G-L-A-D!


3 Responses to “Happy 12th Anniversary to Our Family!”

  1. Grace Says:

    We sure have to comment and say how glad we are that you came!!!!! We’re just leaving to pick up Christy and Brian from the airport. Loved your blog and the maps. Love, Dad and Mom

  2. rixgal Says:

    Dad and Mom, are you guys going to do it again and pay Brian and Christy to move down here too???? heh heh heh

  3. Coral Says:

    Linda I had to let you know we had an above zero degrees weather day yesterday and today it is supposed to get to 15. Very exciting since we can now maybe get to the sidewalk with the shovel as it has been snow snow snow for weeks. We have a vehicle in the back yard that has a foot of snow on the top of it. The neighbor out the back just took off his coat outside so it really must have warmed up. Bless you guys, I actually just typed bless you guts and then looked up to see my amazing talent at typing. So bless them too. :) Your northern friend, Coral,..eh.

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