Accountability Group Week 2


Thanks to those who have sent me encouraging messages with regard to losing weight.  Really, it helps!  I appreciate it, especially from those who have been there… done that….  again and again.  You know who you are.

Here’s the skinny, I had a few short falls this week…. I even resorted to making myself half of a grilled cheese sandwich in a moment of weakness.  I think the cheese craving comes from the current soap bar in our master bathroom… it looks just like a slab of cheddar.  Drives me crazy.  Bring on the Irish Spring.  I don’t think I crave anything that is white and green striped.

Anyway, there was still progress in this fight against fat.

Pounds lost this week:  2.4      Total lost in 2009:  8.8.  

Today I did a Costco run so we are heavily stocked on protein for the time being.  No cheesy excuses! 

Rick doesn’t complete his second week until tomorrow morning, and before he sabotages my blog again I’ll praise his progress.  He is down 11 pounds.  I AM proud of him.  Seriously.  This is the first time in twenty-two years he has semi-stuck to any healthy eating plan for more than 36 hours.  Good job, honey.  (He did confess to downing a burrito today.)  He’s hiking the Grand Canyon next week, and that is 11 pounds he doesn’t have to haul back up out of there.  He asked me today, “Have you picked up a ten pound wight lately?  They’re heavy!”  :o)


One Response to “Accountability Group Week 2”

  1. Jill Says:

    Good job, Mr. and Mrs. Crosby! If you piled that 19.8 lbs on a table….. or if you strapped (2) five pound bags of sugar onto your waist….. you guys are doing great.

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