? # 21 From My Sister’s Jar – A Day of FUN!

Yes, it’s been almost a year since I started pulling questions from My Sister’s Jar.  And yes, I’m only on 21… sad but true.  For posterity, I dusted off the jar and pulled one out for today.

If you dedicated an entire day to “fun,” what would you do?


It would definitely be a “girls day out” with either my sister or a close friend.  It would start with a pedicure (hot pink of course, with bling bling) while sipping Starbucks.  Then we would go for a late breakfast at Paradise Bakery, but not so late that we miss the breakfast menu.  I hate it when that happens.  They have the best breaky foods… quiche and fruit and croissants with ham and cream cheese.  Next, we would take in a girly flick at the new Harkins by our house.  That theater is beautiful!  After laughing and crying and laughing and crying during the movie, we would head off for a bit of purse and/or jewelry shopping at Steinmart.  I love that store.  It’s the mother ship of bling bling and fancy shmancy purses.  Obviously the original home of my cute orange purse with the leather circles. 


Next is a hard one, because I would want to spend a couple hours in a ultra-fabulous scrapbooking store picking out a cute acrylic album and all the ribbons, paper, buttons and cha-ching that match.  However, our fabuloso store closed.  I need to research the current stores to see if I can find a suitable replacement.  My sister and I did just do a run on Scrapbooks, Etc. in Mesa, but they just don’t display stuff that makes you drool and SPEND.  Anyway, the evening would be wrapped up with take-out from PF Chang’s and a pajama clad night of scrapping at home with Harry Connick Jr. music serenading us into creativity and frivolity.


Any takers???

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13 Responses to “? # 21 From My Sister’s Jar – A Day of FUN!”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    Oh my word – could we BE any more different? I’d join you for the Starbucks and late breakfast, but after that … we’d go in separate directions. I don’t think I’d go to a movie, but if I did it would be fantasy or sci fi. Playing Rock Band with friends would be on my list. Getting outdoors is important, too — maybe a paint ball or zip-trekking adventure…

  2. rixgal Says:

    Jennie, you are so funny. I don’t do sci fi and barely do fantasy, only under duress. Outdoors is important to me too…. didn’t you notice how many time I planned to go outdoors??? In between EVERY event! :o) And I don’t do paintball… and would do a zip-trekking adventure on a cruise. We’d still have fun together!

  3. Grumps Says:

    Hey, don’t ruin your diet by going to “that bakery”. That place sounds a bit dangerous to me. Gram

  4. Christy Butcher Says:

    Sign me up!!!!!

  5. Jill Says:

    It was all good before you mentioned the “s” word. But I could sing backup for Harry while you do that “s” stuff. That would be REAL entertainment!

  6. rixgal Says:

    That would! I would love that! Hey, the first Friday of every month!

  7. Jill Says:

    Hey….! Those Fridays don’t include the pedicure, lunch and movie…. don’t be skimpin’ me, sister.

  8. rixgal Says:

    Rick here…I was very distraught that I, your dearest husband, was nowhere to be found on the list!!! What’s with that?!?!?!?

  9. rixgal Says:

    Honey, paying for Starbucks and a pedicure in the first hours of my fun day would NOT be fun with you along. You’d blow a gasket and then I’d have to scrape you up off the floor in the nail salon. And that’s BEFORE Paradise Bakery, Harkins, Steinmart and the scrapping store. You’d have more fun watching old NHL re-runs with the boys. The question was about a day of fun for ME. Now, if the question was about a day of romance, OF COURSE you would be my prime partner in crime.

    This is like buying your wife a radio spot for Christmas when she really only wanted a big, black shiny purse.

  10. rixgal Says:

    Rick here…I wanted to be original. How many of your girlfriends have ever received a 15 minute radio spot for a Christmas gift??? Eh??? That was total creativity on my part!!! And you already had a big, black shiny purse anyway!!!

  11. Jill Says:

    HAHAHAHA……… you two kids are so funny. You DO have a big black shiny purse, Linda – he’s right about that. But is one really enough??!

  12. rixgal Says:

    For the record, my big black shiny purse had holes in the corners on the bottom. The white fabric kept showing through, so I kept coloring it with a sharpie pen until I could get my NEW black purse. Thankfully, my loving mother took me out and got me a new black purse with cool silver rings on the handles. And one is never enough. Shiny purse goes with shiny shoes. Matte finish black purse goes with matte finish shoes. Duh!

  13. Jill Says:

    I’m pretty sure she was like this even before you married her, Maverick. Her Mother came to her rescue — and I believe that is the tree the apple fell from. Sooooooo…….. good luck with that.

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