That was my exciting news.  My Sister’s Jar has now been brought to you for 365 glorious days.  And look!  You’re still here reading it!  Wooooo hOoooooooooOooooo!  Yeah for you!  You’re the only reason I keep plunking these keys down.  Seriously, it’s addicting.  Just like diet Pepsi.  No, worse. OK, that’s a toss up.

A year and two weeks ago, I sat down with a techy guy ( and his wife at church to ask questions about websites.  He started talking about blogging.  I inwardly rolled my eyes and thought, “ph-shwaughaa!”  He’s a computer geek guy to the nth degree. But as he explained what it was, how it worked, the benefits … I became a bit more interested.  He sent me to worpress and I found my second home.  As he now says, I’ve “embraced blogging with ever orifice possible.” It’s true.  I was born to blog.  Kind of like being born in the USA.  You are or you’re not.  That’s it.

So here’s my big hat off to you….. faithful readers… for blessing me with comments and hits that truly bring a smile to this face.  35,000!!!!  Who would’ve thought!?!  Not me.  SOOOOOO, since it’s my blog-a-versary, would you do me a favor and PLEASE please PLEASE let me know AT least where  you are located????  No name needed.  No private info will be traced.  No tele-marketers will call you.  I will not email you with chain letters.  No hassle.  Money back guarantee.  Se habla espanol. I ask my husband every now and then when the hits at MSJ are high, “Who are these people?”  I’d really love to know…. at least where you are…  so if you’re in cold places right now, I can tell you about how warm it is in Phoenix.  In the summer I can wish that I was where you are.  Come on! 

(and for the record…. why in the world does spell check on WordPress not know the words: blog, blogging, or wordpress???)

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11 Responses to “IT’S MY BLOG-A-VERSARY!”

  1. morethananelectrician Says:

    Shoot me and email and I will answer anything you want to know…

  2. Jill Says:

    I live 4 miles to the north of you. Is that specific enough?

  3. Karen Says:

    I am in Winterpeg…aka Winnipeg, Manitoba! Proud owner of 2 bags for Zaza!

  4. Venessa Says:

    I am in Flagstaff and am a fellow C$er… found your blog searching for CouponSense. I love your perspective on life, kids, God, and can’t wait to read about marriage! Keep up the good work, you wouldn’t believe what a difference it makes in at least one girls life. I’ve spread the word to several friends, so now that’s three or four girls lives’. Way to go!

  5. christysthoughts Says:

    I am from Vancouver, WA and I am your sister – I use to live across the hall.

  6. Beth (Jennie's friend) Says:

    I’m in Abbotsford, BC and know your brother and sister-in-law. Congrats on a year of great blogging!

  7. Melissa Says:

    I am in Lethbridge, AB. I am related to Jennie C…and found you through Bags for Zaza. Thanks for your honesty and your humor. God Bless.

  8. Heather B Says:

    It’s me! Heather Bennett! Old college friend of your sister’s who is enjoying a budding, new found friendship with you. :) I’m in Haymarket, VA. Ya Ya Ya! I know, it sounds like the sticks, but it really isn’t that bad. :) In fact, it’s pretty nice. But right now, it’s no AZ. It’s 29 degrees (before the wind chill) and flurrying. Love to keep up with you here. Thanks for all of your encouragement.

  9. LaVonna Says:

    I’m from Scottsdale…I am only a few miles south of the church you attend. :)

  10. Jennie C. Says:

    I’m in BC. And I thought I HAD to read, being family and all. I didn’t know I had a choice. ;)

  11. conniewoman Says:

    If I had a choice, you would be it…you are the Family we choose…and Rick too! And the kids…! I cannot tell you what your friendship, your FAMILYSHIP, means to me and I love that I can feel so connected through your blog. I always remember when you had Keeve and I had Connor and we went to Disneyland when they were babies…I realized I had never physically met Austin and yet I felt I knew him…and that was before blogging and Facebook. Now, when I miss you, I can just go and visit…anytime, day or night…just like real friends should be…I Love You, Linda. Truly.

    Oh, and I am in California, Silicon Valley, partly cloudy day in the 50s…my kinda weather…

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