Today’s the Bee-Eye-Gee FORTY-TWO


Yep, today starts the two months and five days that we are the same age.  Rick finally caught up with me.  Happy Birthday, Rickey!  I waited a long nine months and 25 days for him to get here today.  FINALLY!  He has given me a hard time more than once because of my advanced age.  They announced a new group at our church for those 55 and older.  Rick leaned over and said, “You’ll be going to that class alone for ten months!”  I told him to respect his elders.  Hey, you need to marry a young one so you can train ’em in the way they should go.  :o)

When I first called home from college and told my parents about Rick I mentioned his black hair, brown eyes, dark skin… and my mom asked, “What nationality is he?”  “Indian,” I replied.  My dad’s next question went down in the family history books as one of the best questions of all time… “Turban or feather?”  Not that it would have mattered to them, as long as Rick loved me and loved the Lord.

Following along the same theme, when Rick took my dad out for “the talk” he discussed everything he could think of except me for about 90 minutes.  Finally he said to my dad, “Well, I guess you know why I asked you here tonight.”  Another great dad reply followed, “Yes, but I’m not going to make this easy on you.”   hahahahahhahhahhaaaaahhhhh  snort  hahahahha  Oh, to have been a fly on the table at that restaurant!  Finally Rick brought up the REAL topic, “I was wondering if Linda could visit my teepee?”   It was my dad’s turn to laugh. 

My dad’s advice to Rick that day was, “Just love her.”  After 21.7 years, I must say that Rick has done just that… no matter what.  Through thick and thin, through laughing and crying…. even when I backed over his hockey equipment, he still loved me. 

One of my favorite times of the day is when Rick comes through the door after work.  He plops his keys on the entry table and yells, “Hello!”  I just love his presence in the house.   One day before Rick arrived, Austin quietly picked up my keys, opened the front door and slammed it.  He plopped my keys on the front table and I yelled from the back room, “OH GOOD! You’re home!” and came running to the front door.  Aus laughed until tears flowed.  He gets that from his dad.

Thank you, Rickey, for being my best friend and encouraging me for YEARS to start writing.  Why didn’t I listen sooner???  Thanks for making me laugh.  Thanks also for showing us how loving and accepting Jesus is.  You’re the BEST! XOXOXO

6 Responses to “Today’s the Bee-Eye-Gee FORTY-TWO”

  1. Jill Says:

    Can Linda visit my teepee…………… priceless!!

  2. Christy Butcher Says:

    That was such a sweet post!

  3. morethananelectrician Says:

    That was a very sweet post. It even made crusty ol’ me smile. My wife and I get six days of being the same age each year…I am the older one…by 349 days.

  4. LaVonna Says:

    I love your father’s sense of humor…turban or feather. Priceless.

    I do hope Rick played a native tune for you on his native flute. If not, he better get to work on that ASAP.

    Happy birthday Rick!

  5. Jennie C. Says:

    That made me all emotional. And that’s a fab picture of you and your huggy bear.

  6. Alan N Says:

    Very funny and sweet!
    Can I quit being a “Nikander” and become a “Crosby”.
    Okay, how ’bout, Alan Leroy Nikander-Crosby.

    okay, maybe not.

    And, that was awesome, about Austin, I am making a note of that for
    my list of things to do, if the situation arises.
    Good job Austin!

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