Lemonade $tand


Our youngest son is a true Christian rock band lover to the nth degree.  He has been listening to not-my-favorite-kind-of-music since he was three or four years old.  It is purely because of the guidance and counsel of his head-banger father.  I’ve tried to sway him to no avail. 

Next weekend there is a Christian concert not too far from our home and Keeve’s favorite band is performing: Kutless.  Yes, that’s their name.  Yes, it’s phonetically incorrect.  The other bands are Esterlyn and Stellar Kart.  (another K……. but I digress.)  Keeve started asking if he could go to the concert in December.  In December we said, “Sure, but we’re not paying.”  Thus began Keeve’s mission to raise $19 plus money to buy stuff at the concert.  This is monumental for him… as he’s truly MY child and spends frivolously, often, spur-of-the-moment, and without deep thought.  (It’s no wonder Rick changed banks three weeks ago and STILL hasn’t given me my new ATM card!)

Keeve is down one week and only had $13.  Which is really good for him, but not enough for rockin’ the house with Kutless.  So he decided he was going to have a lemonade stand out at the entrance to our neighborhood.  No clear-thinking, child-loving parent in this day and age would let their kid go three blocks away in Phoenix with a table, chair, lemonade, cups… and a ziplock baggie of money.  I had drama-driving-duty so Rick said he would sit in the van next to the lemonade stand.  (What a nice dad.)

When I arrived back to our neighborhood, there was my cute, freckle-faced son and his lemonade stand…. surrounded by 5 or 6 twelve year old girls from the neighborhood, who also find my freckle-faced son…. well, cute.  They were helping him by yelling, “Lemonade!”  It was hilarious.  Larisa was with me and she made the comment, “And he doesn’t even have his shirt on that says ‘Girls Love Me'”.  He had to refill his 3 gallon lemonade jug twice.

In two hours, with 5 assistants, Keeve made $24!  He told me that one guy pulled up and asked what he was raising money for.  Keeve told him it was for a Kutless concert.  The guy gave him $2 and didn’t take the cootie-juice.  What a nice guy….. probably a headbanger. 


Rock on, Keeve! (Now I know where my boys are getting their crazy hairdos from!)

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6 Responses to “Lemonade $tand”

  1. LaVonna Says:

    Keeve, You ROCK dude! You have a great night out without having to worry about your momma telling you to turn the music down!!!!!

    On a side note Linda, budgeting is still a theory to me. I have yet to put it to practice on this end. Hence why Richard has my cash flow to the ATM limited. LOL :)

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    Rock on Keevester! William loves the same kind of music as you. P.O.D. is a current favourite. I actually really like all that music, too. As long as it’s interspersed with a little bluegrass or something … to bring me back down to earth.

  3. rixgal Says:

    Budgeting as a theory…. hahahahahahhah… sad but true.

    And BLUEGRASS? Jennie, I think you spent too long living in the bush. Now that I think of it, Uncle Terry has had quite the influence on Keeve’s musical selections too! HEEEYYYY!

  4. Michele Says:

    We went to the concert when they were in their home town of Portland Oregon!!!!
    It was amazing!!!! When were they there?
    Who all went?
    Does Keeve have all their cds?

  5. rixgal Says:

    Cool, Micheley. They are here this Sat. Mar. 7th. Just Keeve and Rick are going. Keeve has all but Strong Tower. But he wants to buy a hat or a drumstick at the concert. He’s so excited.

  6. Michele Says:

    I am very excited for Keeve that is very cool!!!!
    Rock On Rick:)

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